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Monday, December 19, 2011

Is Little Rock Zoo Hiding Something? Is Steve Ross a fake!

Well folks as can read from previous e-mails, we entrusted the Little Rock Zoo with both our juvenile chimps, Mikey and Louie. Louie has passed away at the age of 7 years old!!!!! How in the world does a small chimp that we raised from 6 months old, DIE? He was such a healthy chimp. God, chimps in the wild don't even die from what they said he had. Mikey is in a cage all by himself. They haven't even gotten him in with a chimp family yet. For goodness sake private owners could have had that done already.

We contacted the State Attorney General of the state of Arkansas, and they refuse to give us the information? Why do you suppose that is when they are "suppose " to honor all FIOA's. Perhaps the little rock zoo had something to do with that? Hiding something Little rock zoo?

There have been 2 main caretakers for the Chimps, one of which is named Kristin.
She was "suppose" to give us an update on the chimps whenever we asked for one. It was an agreement that we had made BEFORE we even allowed the chimps to go there. So... for the first year Kristin would give me those updates. Then all of the sudden she stops. We accepted the fact that perhaps she was tired of it. THEN, Louie dies and we get a very unemotional e-mail telling us because she knew I would hear it through the media. So why was that promise broken? We didn't even get a phone call when Louie was sick.

I tried to get Mikey transferred out of there through Steve Ross. I had a really nice sanctuary that was willing to take him that have other chimps. I have been to this sanctuary dozens of times. If you don't know who Steve Ross is google him. He use to experiment on chimps and now he thinks he's this great scientist, writing books about their behaviour. What about all of the chimps you infected with diseases, that you watched day in and day out sit in tiny little concrete cages with no enrichment, house by themselves and tortured. Now why would he have the right to have a different view about the chimps. You either love them or you don't. Steve Ross has increased his career on people like myself, Jeanne Rizzotto and other private owners. Steve Ross told me that if I helped out their cause with not owning Chimps as pets that I would be apart of the SSP's special program. (I am not going to write the name I don't want him getting any recognition anymore from me.) I was excited about this program because it would have been with other private chimps. I agreed since my chimps were gone. UM I wonder if he promised Jeanne Rizzotto the same thing?

My husband wrote to Kristin at the little rock zoo on her PERSONAL e-mail account, not her's at the zoo on November 4th. We get an e-mail back from the director at the Little Rock Zoo named Mike Blankey stating that Kristin doesn't work there anymore. First off, how did her e-mail get to him? Did she send it to him? Secondly, is it true that Kristin isn't working there anymore? or did Mike Blankey lie? If Kristin isn't there doesn't it seem odd that after working at the Little Rock Zoo for many years, why would she leave a short 2 months after Louie passes away. So... Was Kristin fired? did she leave because of Louie? Is Mike Blankey lying?, and if so Why?

My next post will give you information on the day we dropped the chimps off, who got bit, and what little chimp got a few of his toes bitten off when in transfer from one zoo to the Little Rock Zoo. Stay tuned. You see I just don't care anymore about telling the truth of the secrets I hold when it comes to the entire placing Mikey and Louie at the Little Rock Zoo. I will also go more into detail about the type of person Steve Ross is, along with posting some of his uncaring e-mails to me during our bereavement time.

Here are the e-mails from Mike Blakely at the Little Rock Zoo

From: Blakely, Mike []

Sent: Monday, November 14, 2011 3:30 PM

To: Gregg Harrison

Subject: FW: Chimp Response Mr. Harrison, I just wanted to let you know that Kristin is no longer a keeper at the Little Rock Zoo. By the way, Mikey is doing fine. Mike Blakely

From: Blakely, Mike

Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2011 3:15 PM

To: ''

Subject: Chimp Response Mr. Harrison, The Little Rock Zoo is appreciative of the donation of Mikey and Louie to the Zoo. Both have received the best of care while in our custody. It is very unfortunate that Louie passed away, but his death was not due to any lack of care from our Zoo staff. The Zoo will continue to provide excellent care for Mikey, just as it does for the other chimps and all our animals at the Zoo. Thank you for your interest in Mikey’s welfare and for your support of the Little Rock Zoo. Mike Blakely, DirectorLittle Rock Zoo