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Friday, January 27, 2012

Sarah Baeckler of CSNW is exploiting the Sanctuary Chimpanzees

Dear readers;
In a previous post I talked about how Sarah baeckler was using the sanctuary chimps in a magazine. Exploiting I say! Why is it ok for her to do that but when private owners exploit their chimpanzees it's the most awful thing in the world? IN my opinion her sanctuary and some of the zoos don't agree with Chimps in the entertainment business because if they are the only ones with chimps, they get to make money off of them.

Funny how Sarah was put at Sid Yost ranch to spy on him, when he was in fact one of the best trainers I ever meet. I spent 2 weeks with his chimps and him. One of which was Angel who was about 220 lbs. She laid in the hammock and let me tickle her, we did gardening together, she was just like an adult person. Now IF she had been abused at ALL, she would not have been out of her enclosure walking around the ranch. So Sarah and Bruce Wagman of the ALDF had a plan to set him up, she lied, and his chimps were taken away. For a reward........ she got the tiny little sanctuary, which by the way is in the coldest part of the country with her little troupe of 7 chimps. A thank you per say for lying. I know she lied about me! She along with others of her statue will lie to gain popularity. In my opinion she is a want to be, the worst kind of chimpanzee people. Those chimps should NOT be in such cold weather. How many times a year do you think they go outside? For years they never even had an outside enclosure. To me that's abuse!
After posting the previous article I received this comment about her, which in my opinion is right on the mark.

Comment from one of my readers
This is hideous. Is there no other way for the hypocrites to gain noteriety and donations other than to pat themselves on the back and bring down others?

Ms Baeckler, well known in the small chimp circles she runs with, has been used as a pawn and figurehead for their advocacy of non-exploitation for almost seven years now.

She has made a career out of whoring herself for her own noteriety and fame, at the expense of others.

Is she truly a primatologist?

Is she truly and advocate?

Or is she just a mouthpiece for the Goodall's and the Fouts' of the world - who used the bespectacled mousey little make believe scientist to lie about Yost, advance her own personal agenda, and reward her with her little seven chimp sanctuary in the hills of Washington.

Hey Beackler, if you really want to do something valuable with your life, why don't you drag your sorry little lying ass in front of the cameras and tell the world all of the horrific things that the US Government is still doing to chimps - I don't see you advocate for them.

Glamour Schlamour.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bruce Wagman at the ALDF doesn't want to help a chimpanzee

Hi Readers;
As promised previously, here is the e-mail that I sent to Bruce Wagman, (whom I thought was a friend of mine and ALL animals.) I suppose helping me with my ex-Chimp, Mikey wasn't glorious enough for him.

The person mentioned in the e-mail was Steve Ross, one of the people on the SSP Board. I will talk about him and post his e-mails on another day, along with the story of when we dropped our chimpanzees off at the Little Rock Zoo..

I swear all of these people that pretend to want to help ALL animals are in for one thing only, their reputation!!!!!

The e-mail:
Hi Bruce;

This is not an e-mail I thought I would ever write, however, I am asking you for your help again.

If, you have not heard the very sad and devastating news, Louie our little chimp at the Little Rock Zoo has passed away.

Needless to say we are both devastated and crying is back to a way of life for us today.

Would you be willing to represent me on behalf of Mikey to get him transfered to a sanctaury? He is fixed, is all alone now, and I fear for his health and safety. It has been almost 3 years now and the zoo has not gotten them with the troupe. Now Mikey has no chance at all with the 2 very large dominate males they have which will result in him never going outside and staying in the little dungeon under the ground that they call a habitat..

I have contacted a friend of mine at a sanctaury ( I removed the name of the sanctuary) and offered to build a cage large enough for Mikey and a few more chimps. I am waiting to see if this is possible. I also contacted Steve Ross (the one that guaranteed me their safety) and asked him to consider the transfer or I would go to the media.

Here is the e-mail I sent to him:

"Hi Steve;

Well I never thought for one second that we would receive the devastating and heart breaking news I did today.

I am going to ask you nicely because I know you can make this decision.

I would like Mikey to get transferred to a sanctuary! I have money now and am able to purchase a primadome for the sanctuary. It isn't fair to Mikey that he doesn't have anyone. He is fixed and has no chance at all with the troupe you have there at the zoo. It has been 3 years now and still he is not with the troupe. I can't believe that we did not get this information until Louie died!!!!! Nothing like not giving us the chance to say good bye to him. After all we did raise him from a baby and for over 5 years. How fair was that to us? to Louie? and now to Mikey? I hope for every ones sake that nothing happens to Mikey when he decides not to eat because of the lose of his brother.

I'm really hoping that you will agree to this "in writing" so I can start making the arrangements.

I have a list of media #'s that I want to call right now, but will wait for your reply, please don't hestitate.. You know that I am a very determined person, and I will tell everything I know, including when Chance was transfered with a big chimp and upon arrival he almost bleed to death. Mikey is my love and I want him safe and happy.

I look forward to your reply ASAP

Judie "

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Little Rock Zoo Made the worst Zoo List - Yeah

For those of you readers that are new to this site The Little Rock zoo had 2 of my ex-chimps, one if which, Louie at the age of 7 passed away in their care!  He was still a baby. Never sick one day in his short little life. We love you Louie Louie. I have been trying to get the other one out of there (have a place for him) before he dies also. In the past 3 years they have has 2 infant chimps die, one adolescent, and a gorilla. I hope  this brings awareness to not only the elephants but also the Chimpanzees!
I HATE this zoo for allowing my little chimp to die. He was cared for with a vet that specializes in Reptiles! For Goodness sake/ if you scroll down you can read all of the posts about our little Louie and the uncaring way they told us about him. Our hearts are broken to say the least. We thought they would be well taken care of. My other chimp, Mikey is still being housed all by himself after 2 years. I believe they have no idea what they are doing. Sometimes it just seems as though no one cares. I even contacted Bruce Wagman of the aldf (whom I thought was a friend of mine and cared for all animals,) BUT he wasn't interested in helping me get Mikey out of there where he could be safe and with other chimps. The place where he should be I have been there dozens of times and actually placed a monkey there who is thriving with his female friend.

If anyone can help my little chimp who I love soooo much please contact me through this blog. The writer of this article, if you would like to know some of the real truth about this zoo, I'm the one to tell you. I would be more than happy to tell you everything from my own experience and things that were told to me by one of the caretakers of the zoo. Just google my name for my history.


Contact: Catherine Doyle, 323-301-5730,

Little Rock, Ark. (January 17, 2012) – The 2011 list of the Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants, released yesterday by In Defense of Animals (IDA), once again exposes the hidden suffering of elephants in zoos, where lack of space, unsuitably cold climates and unnatural conditions condemn Earth’s largest land mammals to lifetimes of deprivation, disease and early death. The list is in its eighth year.

A promising trend toward the closure of inadequate elephant displays continued in 2011 and includes zoos that have appeared on IDA’s annual list. The most recent are the Central Florida Zoo and Southwick’s Zoo in Massachusetts. The Toronto Zoo’s appearance on the 2009 list sparked a campaign that led to the closure of that exhibit in 2012. This brings the number of zoos that have closed or will close their elephant exhibits to 22, and zoo experts expect that number to rise.

The Little Rock Zoo appears for the first time on IDA’s list with the following entry:

Little Rock Zoo (Arkansas) – Two’s not a crowd. After the death of Mary in 2011, IDA urged the zoo not to seek a cage-mate for remaining elephant Ellen but to instead close its outdated exhibit and send Ellen to a spacious, natural-habitat sanctuary. Instead, the zoo recklessly rushed in two older elephants acquired from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus – even though Ellen and one of the elephants were predictably incompatible – in order to meet the required AZA minimum of three elephants. Ellen died less than a month later, and the zoo found itself with two elephants and again out of compliance. With a shortage of elephants in zoos, it’s only a matter of time before this zoo is forced to end its elephant program. It should save Little Rock taxpayers some money and the elephants a lot of misery by ending its elephant program now.

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park (California) earns yet another dishonorable mention, and the San Antonio Zoo (Texas) becomes the newest inductee into the Worst Zoos for Elephants Hall of Shame, a special honor reserved for the worst repeat offenders.

Another result of IDA’s relentless advocacy for elephants in zoos has been the creation of an historic management policy by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). The new policy calls for an end to handling that requires keepers to share the same unrestricted space with elephants. If the AZA is serious about enforcing this policy, it will facilitate an end to the use of the bullhook, a weapon used by keepers to threaten and often inflict painful physical punishment.

“IDA’s Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants list illustrates the many serious problems that condemn elephants to lives of misery in zoos,” said IDA Elephant Campaign Director Catherine Doyle. “These include abnormal repetitive behaviors, hyper-aggression, social isolation, and deadly conditions such as foot and joint disease caused by lack of space and movement.”

“Scientific research has shown what elephants need: space to walk miles every day, large families with whom to spend their lives, and rich natural environments,” said Doyle. “Caging elephants in zoo displays is not humane and it is not conservation.”

For more information, please visit

Contact: Catherine Doyle, 323-301-5730,

In Defense of Animals is an international animal protection organization located in San Rafael, Calif. dedicated to protecting animals’ rights, welfare, and habitat through education, outreach, and our hands-on rescue facilities in India, Africa, and rural Mississippi.
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