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Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Private Parrty at the Little Rock Zoo?

ZOO CLOSED - Private Event


Little Rock Zoo - map

The Little Rock Zoo will be CLOSED on Sunday,
September 16th
, for a private event.

The Zoo WILL BE OPEN on Monday, September 17th.

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  1. I was looking randomly through comments and saw this one. Perhaps there is a misunderstanding about what the event was. At the time, I worked as an employee of the Little Rock zoo. Now, please do not take this as I am representing the zoo or its employees. I have left the zoo (not because of an disagreements with the zoo management, but simply because I had conflicts surrounding my work schedule). I am not here to tell you that the zoo said this. But I worked this event. It was for a company that is a major donor to the zoo. The company rented out the zoo and allowed families to come and spend the day at the zoo with activities and things. I am not exaggerating when I am saying there was about 1000 people there. There was no way that we could accomodate the needs of both the company's families and the other costumers who visit the zoo. So, management closed the zoo down. And yes, they paid a lot for the party to be held in a pulbic location that offers things for the whole family. A zoo is a public place designed for entertainment. And the company does not 'own' the zoo or even part of the zoo. The company believes that the zoo needs monetary funding, so they donate money. That is how the zoo keeps running. And without money, the zoo staff cannot feed or help the animals. So we NEED donors to the zoo. The zoo no longer has the state funding that they need to maintain it to the standards they want it at. And if this company wants to give a lot of money to use the facilities, that is fine. They are not using the animals; they are using the place where animals are kept. I know that people have problems with the zoo, but this should not be a problem! People do not own the animals. I am sorry - I am not trying to cause a fuss, I just wanted to present another side to it.