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.The Little Rock Zoo needs to step up and care for the animals better! Please read the several artciles here with deaths, sickness and a bald chimp!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another Chimpanzee Ill at the Little Rock ZOO?

For all of the readers that know my history, and for those that don't, I allowed the Little Rock Zoo to have custody of my 2 young chimps  A FEW YEARS AGO. Since then, the youngest one 7 yrs old died there last year so I keep as close of watch on the other one Mikey to make sure nothing happens to him.
The photo below I found on the Internet from someone visiting the Little Rock Zoo. This is a photo of a chimp!!!! This chimp looks like it has been losing its HAIR for awhile. I think this chimps name is chance who was one year older than Mikey when my chimps arrived at The Little Rock zoo. Boy little boy looks like hes so sick. But of course as I have found out they use a reptile vet for Chimpanzees.NOT GOOD. I had 3 special Dr.s that would care for Primates only.

My little chimp that passed away, his name was Louie. I saw a photo of Louie from a visitor about one month before he passed. His whole body was swollen. I thought they were feeding him too much. I believe that he had a thyroid problem and it was never taken care of. Such a sweet little boy to have died because of the lack of knowledge that the "REPTILE" vet wouldn't have. Shame on you Little Rock Zoo!!!! Get a Primate Vet!!!!! Take some of those visitors money and hire one!!!!!!

You better take care of this one!!! I'm watching!

Thank you to the person that took this photo.

Looks at how his lips come up a bit and are still touching. Thats a sad face, a pouty face,  an uhappy face.. Poor Chance I hope we dont read about him in the future or Im going to get the USDA out there AGAIN to see whats going on!!!!! Knowing the Little Rock Zoo this is acceptable because now he looks like a freak which will bring much more money in. PLEASE HELP HIM!!!! Little Rock Zoos history of caring for Great Apes is NOT good!!! I love you Chance and my heart is with you.

Little Rock Zoo, you need to step up and get some REAL professional to take care of these wonderful Individuals!!!!!!!

Here is a photo I found of my ex-chimpanzee Mikey at the Little Rock Zoo that was taken by another visitor in July Look at his hair. Its beautiful!!!!When we left them, both chimps had beautiful long shinny black hair. They were BOTH very healthy. Look at his shoulder, he's losing his hair there!!!!!!! They must all be stressed out or a VERY BAD DIET!!!

 Little Rock step up and take responsibilities for these animals. You promised me the safety of both Louie and Mikey and you have NOT kept your part of the bargain MR. Steve Ross. Steve Ross Haha is in charge of the species survival for Great Apes within the zoos. Looks like he needs to be fired. Oh just a note on his back ground. he was a person that for years did experiments on Chimpanzees!!!! No wonder they are dieing off. That was his choice of career which shows me he has NO respect for these animals. See, that's whats wrong with people in wrong positions. Go back to slicing and dicing Steve Ross!!!!! This time do it on rats.

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