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Friday, July 17, 2009

Chimps, Louie and Mikey, Judie Harrison

I have posted some photos of an Easter Egg hunt that we did for Mikey and Louie. Each Easter we would fill plastic eggs with a treat in each of them and scatter them around the yard. Once they found the first one, opened it up and found out that there were treats inside, the hunt began. After the first year, both Mikey and Louie knew what to do with them, as if they had remembered playing the game the year before.

Here's a photo of Mikey on the right with a half an egg in his mouth. On the left, Little Louie playing in the picnic area of the playground.

This is a photo of Louie with an egg right in front of him. It looks as though he is eating something that he had already found in another egg. Unlike children,both Mikey and Louie were not in a hurry to find and gather all of the eggs at one time. They would find one, open it up, eat the goodie inside and either play until the treat was finished or go look for another one. There was no competition between the chimps for the eggs, unlike children.

Louie found an egg!

Ooops you missed an egg behind you Louie.

Mikey with half an egg.

Mikey looking in his egg to see what treat is in there.

Mikey in front and Louie is the picnic area. Mikey's looking for another egg.

And he found one!

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