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Friday, July 24, 2009

Interview with Priscilla Feral from Friends of Animals

Priscilla Feral

(7/26/09) I'm republishing this interview which I conducted in April of this year. Recently, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have been spreading unsupported evidence of some heinous accusations against the Primarily Primates Sanctuary, managed by the Friends of Animals charity.

While PETA has already lost this lawsuit at least twice in the past, they continue to fight FoA resulting in heavy losses of time and money on the part of FoA. This money would otherwise be going to improving the sanctuary, and feeding and caring for the residents there. PETA has made no mention of how they will save these animals if they win in court. However, history has shown unanimously the organization is severely pro-euthanasia and will likely kill all the primates there. This is especially convincing when PETA (the wealthiest 'animal rights' organization in the world) chooses to kill animals for space rather than using their funds to build that space in the first place.


I recently interviewed Priscilla Feral, president of the Friends of Animals Charity. This was in response to an article I recently published about PETA's destructive lawsuit against their 'Primarily Primates, Inc.' primate sanctuary.

Feral and I spoke about what 'animal rights' means, how the most popular animal rights organizations have missed this mark and some of the work FoA has been doing to challenge the system of exploitation of animals. This is definitely an eye-opening interview."

Listen with the embedded player below (Please be patient as it loads. If you are having difficulty, try opening in a separate browser.)

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