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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sarah Baeckler of CSNW is exploiting the Sanctuary Chimpanzees

Hi Readers;
This is one of the Sanctuaries that I truley believed in, until now! Sarah once wrote a horrible article on me when I had my chimps in the entertainment business. She had said that I was one of the worse "back yard" trainers. Even though Sarah never knew me or my chimps, she voiced a very harsh opinion of me with nothing to back up her opinion. No facts at all.  Now the very same Sarah Baeckler is exploiting the chimps at the sanctuary where she works in Glamour Magazine? Shame on you Sarah. Sanctioned is not exploiting. Carole noon would NEVER do such a thing if she were still alive.

Basically Sarah is doing the same thing that the entertainers do, exploit their chimps for money. Being in this magazine will bring in money, the same as trainers when they do jobs using the chimps. The only difference is the word "sanctuary"

This news article was sent to me.....

April 2011 News
Glamour Magazine!

CSNW Executive Director Sarah Baeckler is pictured, along with Burrito and Missy, in the May issue of Glamour Magazine. Don't worry - Sarah hasn't switched careers to become a model. The article is in the "Real Stories" section of the magazine featuring her work to uncover the abuse of chimpanzees in the entertainment industry. Pick up a copy today!


  1. Anonymous11:24 AM

    This is hideous. Is there no other way for the hypocrites to gain noteriety and donations other than to pat themselves on the back and bring down others?
    Ms Baeckler, well known in the small chimp circles she runs with, has been used as a pawn and figurehead for their advocacy of non-exploitation for almost seven years now.
    She has made a career out of whoring herself for her own noteriety and fame, at the expense of others.
    Is she truly a primatologist?
    Is she truly and advocate?
    Or is she just a mouthpiece for the Goodall's and the Fouts' of the world - who used the bespectacled mousey little make believe scientist to lie about Yost, advance her own personal agenda, and reward her with her little seven chimp sanctuary in the hills of Washington.
    Hey Beackler, if you really want to do something valuable with your life, why don't you drag your sorry little lying ass in front of the cameras and tell the world all of the horrific things that the US Government is still doing to chimps - I don't see you advocate for them.
    Glamour Schlamour.

  2. Judie arrison5:50 AM

    Dear Anon;
    Thank you for your comment. Most of all, thank you for saying something about the Chimpanzees still being in the labs.

    You sound as though you know Sarah or have come into contact with her.

    PS. I couldn't have said it better.
    Thank you again for opening up the eyes of the public