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Friday, August 19, 2011

Louie My Chimpanzee has died at the Little Rock Zoo SOOOOOOO SAD!!!

This is probably the hardest and the most hurt we have ever felt in our entire lives. This to us is like losing a child. A child that was only 7 years old and had at least 40 more years with his brother Mikey.

This will be brief, for now. My husband and I will be doing a nice segment on Louie when we are able to stop feeling such great lose and hurt. Please check back.

One of the two loves of our lives has passed away at the Little Rock Zoo.
I entrusted this zoo to take care of Louie and Mikey, my ex-chimps, but now Mikey is alone and Louie at the age of 7 years old is gone and Mikey is still not with the troupe even after 3 years.

I am working on some angles with Mikey which at this point I can't disclose.

Because Mikey and Louie did allot of jobs in the media, they met allot of people that loved them. I'd like to give anyone the opportunity to e-mail us with your comments, stories of yourself and Louie or just to say goodbye to a wonderful, sweet little chimp.
You can e-mail us at
or you can post a comment here on this post. Thank you.

We love you Louie and you will always be our hearts.

Any media that would like to interview me I would be more than happy to tell you their story at the Little Rock Zoo. You can e-mail me at the same e-mail addy listed above.

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