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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Has Jeanne Rizzotto Died?

According to, Carbon County Real Estate Developer, Jeanne Rizzotto, no longer owns any property in the county.

Seems as though, Jeanne Rizzotto did not stand by the court's agreement of payments when she filed Bankruptcy, and now the bank has resumed ownership of her home and the bank assumed the property in which she had plans to develop an RV resort.

Jeanne Rizzotto states that her and her chimpanzees are happy, however when you read the comments below the article it seems as though she had made a trip to Florida, begging the Sanctuaries to take her Chimpanzees. A person by the name of Patty stated that Jeanne Rizzotto traveled in Florida without proper paperwork and health certificates. Another poster stated that Save The Chimps took in Connor and Kramer, Jeanne Rizzottos Chimpanzees.

I find this strange, since Jeanne Rizzotto has been noted many times in the media that her Chimps will only leave over her dead body. Does this mean that Jeanne Rizzotto is now longer with us? No longer can steal money, write bad checks, ruin peoples lives and financial situations? (all of this information can be found on this blog) I wonder.

This information can be found at the following link;

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