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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jeanne Rizzotto Has Lost EVERYTHING!!!

Jeanne Rizzotto has lost all of her homes, properties, and the most exciting news of all is that she has lost her chimps. The Chimps that she said for a year that they would not go anywhere, over her dead body. I personally am very excited for Connor and Kramer because now they have the opportunity to be Chimps, to be apart of a troupe, be away from that awful woman that left them with inexperienced people for weeks and weeks at a time. At least now Connor won't be biting anyone and being in Danger of being shot like poor Travis was. I'm so glad she lost them, This has made my year!!!!!!

Now the next thing that needs to happen is for Gini Valbuena of Valbuena Chimps or Chimpencountersflorida needs to lose everything so her baby chimp can also have the same opportunity, and she won't be able to buy anymore. Now that would make the world a better place for all of the babies that will be in her hands in the future, just to be bought and dumped like she has done over the past 40+ years. Please people don't feed into her practices by paying to play with a baby chimp. Think of the chimp, his future, his needs, not yours. Resist the cuteness, resist the thought of "I've always wanted to play with a chimp" Think about where they go after she's done with them, think about them not having other chimps around, think about her making them wear clothes and shoes. Think about them living in a cage!!!! They are so close to us, would you want to live an unnatural life? Don't fall for the BS that is on her site, do some real reading on the Internet and find out what happens to these chimps. Please if you love them leave them alone.

I found a funny blog..... Take time to read this, it's some kind of Parody. I suppose this person thinks jeanne rizzotto is funny. I found it entertaining.

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