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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How Did Jeanne Rizzotto Treat a Business Partner

Well folks this article is a real reader. Here Mr. MacDonald speaks out about what Jeanne Rizzotto has done to him, not only financially, but personally.

I for one, CAN attest to the fact that breaking into some one's e-mail account and pretending to be that person IS, IN FACT, Jeanne Rizzotto's MO. She did the very same thing to me last year. It is ashame that Mr. Macdonald didn't do what I did, which is to file a IC3 report with the FBI. Breaking into some one's e-mail account is a Federal offense, leading in Jail time. It's an amazing thing when you think that you can escape these sorts of things, knowing that all computers and locations everywhere have a special IP# for tracking. Even cell phones can be tracked.

I believe everything that was told to the media by this gentlemen and people should beware of this woman. Her past and paths only lead to destruction for people. I for one, am now in a great situation and look where and what she has. A BIG FAT ZERO. No Chimpanzees, no home, no money, no land, no man, NOTHING.

As someone once said "what goes around comes around".

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