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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Little Rock Zoo hires a convicted animal abuser

Well folks this is a fine example of how the "ambassadors" as they call themselves, of these zoos look out for their animals.

The Little Rock Zoo hired an employee, Timothy King and "THEN" found out this employee had been convicted of animal abuse. Not just one count, BUT 93 counts!!!! Not only was he convicted of this animal abuse he was the co-owner of a puppy mill. I'm sure you all remember the story of Timothy, whereas they found dead puppies and dogs that were starved to death and neglected.

OK let's see, if I wanted to get a vendors license to drive, say a cotton candy trailer. I would in deed have to be fingerprinted with the FBI to make sure that I was not a child abuser. The reason for this is because the law, and the citizens don't want our children to walk up for a cotton candy and be abducted.

Another example is if you were to work in a bank, you would have to be bonded. Bonded through the FBI with your fingerprints to make sure that you were never convicted of a theft crime.

So why? WHY? Little Rock Zoo wouldn't you have every employee fingerprinted to make sure that person was not convicted of an animal crime? Are you that desperate for help? Perhaps the best thing to do would be to stop taking in more animals that need to be cared for.

The person in charge of the AZA for these zoos is Steve Ross at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Why Mr. Ross aren't there regulations when it comes to Zoo employees?

Be sure to look at the photo of the pup that was left with no eyes because his infections were so bad. What kind of person does this?
Timothy King, who was convicted along with his wife on a combined 93 counts of animal cruelty in February 2009, was recently hired through a temp agency by the Little Rock Zoo. King worked under the supervision of his father, a zoo employee. When the Times inquired, Susan Altrui, a spokesperson for the Little Rock Zoo, said they were unaware of his previous conviction and provided the following statement.

Timothy and Alisha King were arrested after a raid on their puppy mill near Lonsdale in October of 2008, when animal cruelty could only be considered a misdemeanor. The state now has a felony statute for certain offenses. A Times cover story from January of 2009 described the conditions there and the rescue of one of the pups, Timothy, who was featured on our cover.

You can read the full story here

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