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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Konoa, the baby De Brazza Monkey born at the Denver Zoo

Baby Kanoa has joined the family of De Brazza's monkeys at the Denver Zoo.

The male was born Nov. 27 to mother, Marinda, and father, Kisoro, the zoo said in a news release today. Kanoa joins sister Kanani, who just turned a year old this month.

The zoo says Kanoa is now climbing around his habitat at Primate Panorama.

"Kanoa" is Hawaiian for "free one." The zoo described the new baby as "very independent and precocious despite his mother's early attempts to be protective."

Marinda was born in captivity in Fort Wayne, Ind., and came to Denver from North Carolina in 2009 to be paired with Kisoro, who was rescued in 2006 from the bushmeat trade in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the zoo said.

No one knows how many De Brazza's monkeys live in the swamps and forests of central Africa. The animals "are excellent at hiding and can freeze in place for several hours," eluding detection.

A fully grown male weighs 15 pounds, and a female about half that.
They are named for Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, a French explorer.

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