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.The Little Rock Zoo needs to step up and care for the animals better! Please read the several artciles here with deaths, sickness and a bald chimp!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I still do not understand how the zoos can breed and that's ok on one hand, then on the other hand they say that the wild animals should not be in unnatural environments. Which one is it? Oh I know the babies bring in more money to the zoos because it brings the visitors in. I myself would never visit a zoo, I know too much about what goes on behind the scenes and what happens to the animals when they get transferred from one zoo to another. I know people think it's cute and that their children enjoy it, but I could guess that the children would enjoy playing in a park with playground equipment and other children just as much, if not more. There's nothing worse then walking around a zoo in the heat and the smell with tired children. Doesn't sound like a very good time to me.

A newborn orangutan joined the Fresno Chaffee Zoo family this past weekend.

Following an 8½ month gestation period, the female Sumatran orangutan was born Saturday to 21-year-old Siabu, zoo spokeswoman Terri Mejorado said.

The birth of the unnamed primate is an accomplishment for the Chaffee Zoo because the orangutan is designated as an endangered species, Mejorado said.

Siabu and the infant orangutan will be off-exhibit for an undetermined length of time, Mejorado said.

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