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Sunday, December 26, 2010

DeYoung Family Zoo has a baby Chimpanzee?

Ok Readers, after looking at both of these links, you tell me if this baby Chimpanzee is a pet.
This "SO CALLED" zoo has no older Chimpanzees, though in the video a woman is holding a baby chimpanzee. This baby is wearing clothes!!!!!!!! Gee I wonder where she bought this baby? Maybe at the Missouri Primate Foundation, with Connie Casey-Braun. Chimpanzees value at 65,000.00 for a females and 55,000.00 for males, ( I know because each of my ex-chimps were 45,000.00 a piece) I don't think someone just gave this baby to them. It's not like we are in Africa and there's poaching. You must really think we are stupid.

Zoos, the last time I heard do NOT buy baby chimps, and when their adult chimpanzees have babies they allow them to raise them unless there are complications.

So this so-called zoo is feeding into the breeding of chimpanzees and the ripping of the babies off of their mothers.

I also noticed that there were photos on their website of baby monkeys wrapped up in blankets, people holding them and exploiting them and being fed human food. Come on DeYoung Family who do you think your fooling? This may have worked years ago but the public is becoming aware of these awful pratices. We, the public have heard thousands of times that the mother won't take care of them and they had to be hand reared, that's a bunch of crap. You should be ashamed of yourself calling yourself a zoo when you take baby Primates away from their mothers. Shame shame!

Well Chimpcare here's another pet Chimp to add to your list. As we all know that list will always grow and the pet chimpanzees will never stop being ripped and sold until Connie Casey-Braun is no longer with us.

Anyone that lives in this area, please don't contribute to the horrible life this baby chimp and monkeys will lead by paying to go in and see them.

Video here
Their Website Here

Comments from the viewers of the video
Your white trash ignorance is showing! You have no right taking a baby from its mother for you to have a trophy toy! When this chimp grows up what are you going to do the? Have you done your research? Do you have any idea what you are doing? Shame on you and the outfit that sold you this infant. I am so disgusted.


  1. Ren in the Up4:45 PM

    I have been to the DeYoung Zoo many times and the crap you are posting on this website is exatly that CRAP. Yes they charge for addmission so do all zoos. These animals have a very,very nice life there. Better than some of the so called "approved" by you morons zoos. These animals were born in capitity and aquired through legal venues. They are cared for and OMG have interaction with humans! Why is this so awful to you people? None of he animals are stressed there, they are happy well adjusted and like the interaction with their human friends. Just for your info the baby chimp was rejected by it's Mother would it have been better to just let nature take its course? Think people

  2. Dear ren in th eup;
    Thank you for your comment. So you are a frequent visitor of this so called zoo. Well first off, they aren't a real zoo. A "real" zoo is AZA accredited which this place could never ever fall under such guidelines. Second off, if I had a 100.00 for every person that said it was rejected by it's mother than I would honestly have enough money to buy a 500K house in cash. It's nice that you believe what you are told, and by all means that's your privilege, however I do know better. I have not just been a visitor on the outside of the ugliness that the inside holds of places like this. I have been in the background of such places like this place. No one!!!! no one has had that many baby chimps that have been "rejected" as you say from their moms. My goodness, if they all were rejected that how are the female chimps in the wild making out with theirs. Don't be so naive.

  3. Anonymous1:37 PM

    heyy look buckaroo, this baby chimp was rejected!! let it goo!r the have an amazing zoo and face it, your just jealous!!!! i wish i had their life! they care for their zoo and even rescue animals! but what are you doing. typing on ur little dumb computer while their working their butts off! Get off ur lazy donkey and stop hating! loser! I AGREE WITh ren!

  4. Thanks for your comment buckaroo. Why not try to learn something about someone before you make assessments of people. I suppose you help shovel shit there too? Or you just visit this lovely place. hahaha

  5. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Just a look at the website tells me all I need to know. What seems to be a solitary and frightened white face capuchin clinging to a stuffed toy. A solitary stressed young bonnet macaque with its comforter blanket. Strangely no sign of the chimp or the mother that rejected it. Incidentally a relative of mine has worked with the primates at London zoo for 30+ years and in all that time he has hand-reared because of rejection just 2 monkeys: a triplet-marmoset and a capuchin whose mother fell ill. Never a great ape like a chimpanzee orang utan or gorilla.

  6. Judie Harrison8:02 AM

    Dear Anon;
    Thank you so much for your comment! It's nice to see that some folks, like yourself know that these things don't happen as often as the people that do these practices would like you to think they do. A huge example of lies with mother chimpanzees not taking care of their own babies is a woman named Gini (Virginia) Valbuena in Florida which everyone can read about how many chimps and orangutans she's had over the years. To me it should be a crime with a jail sentence.

    Thank you again for voicing your educated opinion.

  7. Anonymous8:40 PM

    I have been to the DeYoung Family Zoo many times over the last twenty years. Bud the owner of the zoo is passionate and does every
    thing he can possibly do for the animals. I noticed a change about five years ago when his
    girlfriend?,fiance?,partner? came onto the scene. She seems like a hoarder. Any comment made by a visitor to the zoo about animal behavior or care is tolerated by a smug all
    knowing tolerant smile and she says she's been doing this forever? and she knows what she;s doing. My family and I have even heard her
    verbally abusing volunteers. What does she do to the animals when no one is there to see. The tv show on nat geo wild showed how unbalnced she is. Would you let her watch your dog? Even more scary is she is in charge of some very dangerous animals. She believes she is the only one to take good care of the 400-500 animals they have. classic symptom.
    did anyone else notice they only have like 8 volunteers working when its super busy. Who the hell is taking care of all the animals? That's like 50 animals per worker!! wow!!
    I wish I had workers like that at my company. I do believe in the next couple of years that the zoo will be shut down.

  8. Judie Harrison12:34 PM

    Dear Anon;
    Thank you for your comment.
    Thank you for sharing your personal experiences with the DeYoung Family Zoo.

    It's really sad that the gentlemen thinks more of his "lady" friend that he does the animals that he once was so fond of. People can make their own choices whereas animals, especially those in cages have no choices and are dependant on people for their welfare.

    I am a true believer that "IF" you can't provide for your animals in all aspects (enrichment, social interaction with their own kind, fresh water, plenty of food, shade and shelter, and lets not forget about LOVE) than you should get rid of as many as neccassary until you can provide all of those things for the ones you have. Having more animals DOES NOT mean being better!!!!!!!

    Hoarding is a common sickness and someone needs to step in and say "THAT'S ENOUGH". The gentlemen that once loved them needs to be that person.

    If the zoo closes, GOD help all of those animals that they have hoarded because finding placement for them all will be very difficult.

    One should never holler at anyone in front of anyone else, let alone people that are helping because they love the animals. Volunteers are great people with large hearts and should be treated with respect and love. The animals most of the time, if a person is a good volunteer, like them better than the regular staff.

    Shame on all of you people at that zoo!!!! No one knows everything! Be kind, be nice, stop taking animals, place some that you can't care for properly and think of them and not the all mighty dollar.

    Thank you again Anon. It's always so nice to hear from people that have personal experiences with someone mentioned on this blog. When you see things that don't look right, that's because they aren't right. We need to teach our children for their future and the future of the animals the proper way of caring and loving them.

  9. Anonymous7:49 PM

    You are the idiot mate I watch this show and adore animals as well you know if it were not for compassionate caring loving people like these so many species of animals would be lost to us forever.These animals are so well cared for I take my hat off to them they sacrifice there lives for animals how hard must that Zoo have it I live in Australia and by god when I get on my feet I am going to donate regularly to it come on big stars help this Zoo become a haven for the animals that people treat so badly donate some big money so they can love care and nurture these animals GOD BLESS THE DE YOUNG FAMILY ZOO

  10. Dear Anon;
    Thank you for your comment. Its called awareness, this blog. To "TRY" to make people understand that just because something looks good it really isnt!

    For your information I have volunteered at several zoos for many years. One Zoo I worked at didnt have a lock down cage for a female black and white capuchin (If you even know what that is LOL)and one day when I went in there to clean and feed she attacked me. Not a small bite, she ripped my ear in half. I put ice on it and then got a baggie and wrapped it around my ear to catch all of the blood. I still finished my job and the rest is history. So "IF" this zoo had a lock down where I wouldnt have to have gone into the cage "vonteering" i would never have gotten bitten. I never told anyone because if I had of the little monkey would have been put down.

    You can believe all you want about this zoo or anything else but I KNOW from first hand experieince what goes on.

    The little Rock Zoo adopted my 2 chimps and 1 1/2 years later at the age of 5 years old my little Louie died.!!!!!!! He was never sick a day in his life.

    If I wrote a book you and others that keep these blind folds on your eyes MIGHT wake up.
    They DID not rescue that baby chimp. They breed it and used it for extra money after taking it away from the mother.

    Have you ever seen a baby chimp scream when it is torn off of its mother? I have. They sedate the mother and literally have to pull that baby off screaming. So you keep your blind fold on, be ignorant and be sure to teach your children your attitude and then NOTHING will change in the future for all of our preciuos animals that by the way dont belong to us including zoos. I hope some day all Zoos will be closed down. They are discusting, roach infected dirty dark small places.

  11. Anonymous1:09 PM

    You don't know a damn thing about this zoo, the people that run it, or the animals there. Keep blabbing on about what you don't know if it makes you feel all good inside. But people that actually love animals and care about their well being can see you for what you really are. The animals at this zoo are better taken care of than any human i know. They all eat well and are cared for better than your so called "real zoos". They are a Real Zoo, just because they're not AZA doesn't mean they dont take care of their animals. All the carnivores get fresh beef daily and the herbivores and omnivores get feesh fruits and vegetables. These animals are not pets. And believe it or not a lot of them have been rescued from euthanasia and are now living wonderful lives there. And yes i do know all of this from first hand experience. Quit picking on people who are trying to some good in this world and go throw some fake blood on women in fur coats or whatever you idiots do these days.

  12. Dear Anon;
    Thank you for your comment.
    By the tone and the arrogance of your comment YOU MUST WORK OR VOKUNTEER AT THIS SO CALLED ZOO! Therfore i am not going to comment to your swayed opinion.

    Not nice to curse.