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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Chipperfield's Circus has gone animal free

Kudos to you!!!!!!
It would be real nice for all of the animals that are involved in abuse at these circus's to stop having to perform. One Circus comes to mind here in the US, which is the Rosaires Family Circus. They use Chimpanzees and have for many years. Remember readers that these animals are crated around in tiny cages in tractor trailers and drove all over the country. I have actually seen one of these trailers, walked in it and saw the cages that the chimps were in from a retired circus called Berger Circus owned many years ago by Janet and Frank Berger. They were horrible!!!!! To say the least.... All circus's need to go to human acts. After all, humans can make the choice if they want to be laughed out and starred at, where animals can not.

The U.K.'s Chipperfield's Circus—which has been exploiting animals since 1684(!) and was in the news following the beating of a baby chimpanzee some years back—has gone animal-free!

Between 1996 and 1998, a long-term investigation of the circus led to successful cruelty-to-animals convictions of the circus's owners, Mary and Roger Chipperfield; jail for the elephant handler; and the closure of three of the circuses owned by the Chipperfield family.

With your help, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus could join the list of circuses in the U.S. that have decided to do away with animal acts, but unfortunately, it has dug in its heels. Please watch our Ringling investigation, share it with your friends, and then contact our Action Team to start campaigning today to make it happen!
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