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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Frisky's is a Sanctuary? Monkeys

Well Readers, I know this woman personally. I use to live about 45 minutes away from, her name is Colleen. I made several huge donations to her with food. I would go to the produce market and buy cases upon cases of fruit and deliver them to her so called "sanctuary". I bought tons of monkey chow and delivered them and bought and had shipped 20 heating pads for the smaller animals. On one of my visits she gave me a box. In this box were little clothes that she had used for one of her monkeys that use to perform. There was also this little red and white striped tent. When I asked Colleen about this she said it was a part of her act with this monkey. I asked her why she stopped doing the act. Her reply back to me, and honestly these were her words. "I decided to stop when my monkey took his hand and nails and ripped open his stomach." I thought I was going to fall and pass out right there and then. I can not remember the monkeys name, though I did meet him.

I stopped donating when I saw the overabundance of babies that just "appeared" there. Sanctauries should not have baby monkeys without their mothers. If Frisky's is a sanctuary and has had babies where did they come from? Sanctauries are not suppose to breed and people don't just give up a baby monkey. They cost anywhere between 4,000.00-8,000.00 depending on the breed. In other words, I found out she WAS NOT a "true" sanctuary! Do some research on her and her sanctuary and you will find some things that just aren't right.
Here's her website

Frisky's Wildlife and Primate Sanctuary is an invaluable resource for the animals and residents in our community. In addition to the thousands of injured wild animals and exotic pets they have rescued and housed for more than 20 years, they provide education about compassion for those who have no voice, like the unfortunate monkeys that people think they can keep as pets, then abandon.

I came to know Frisky's when my daughter's Girl Scout troop took a tour. The girls raised money for them, as they provide services purely by donations and volunteers. No tax dollars are spent to keep them going. So many people love and appreciate what Frisky's does for our animal friends that it was easier to get donations then to sell Girl Scout cookies!
It is an abomination that so much time and money is being wasted arguing about zoning because someone who bought a house next to Frisky's doesn't want to live near monkeys. Frisky's was already there when they moved in, and in more than 20 years of operation there has never been a single incident of a monkey escaping or hurting anyone.

At the last meeting I attended on this issue, there must've been over 100 people there in support of Frisky's, so many they couldn't all testify. Not a single person was there in support of the disgruntled neighbors.

Please help stop the madness and make our zoning officials accountable.

Story here


  1. Anonymous3:56 AM

    People want to help animals. Unfortunately, there are con artists who prey upon that. They can be so good at their con that it's extremely difficult to see through it.

  2. Thank you for your comment Anon. Yes, I agree, there are a lot of people that are con artist, which makes it hard for people to know who to donate to.

    I don't know everything that's for sure but I did spend 6 years in the awful underworld of exotic animals. The most important thing I learned was who are what they say they are. The few sanctauries that I do support are on this blog. If anyone wants to donate money, toys and blankets these would be the places to donate to. I myself, today am going to the post office with a package of 32 new blankets that I am sending to one for the chimps. It gives me great pleasure to know I am giving something that they really enjoy at any age.

  3. Thank you Marlene for your comment.
    Colleeen at Frisky's years ago was in a postion that she may have had to close down because of zoning. She then became a USDA exibitor which gave her the right to fall under their guidelines. The USDA license is "suppose" to be for exhibiting your animals to the public in order to stay open. When I knew Colleen she wasn't doing that, she would allow friends and so forth to come over to visit (me, included with my donations), take our photo, make us sign a sign in sheet and that was considered the exhibit. That I don't believe should fall under the USDA guidelines.

    She has been hiding behind this license for many years now.

    Unfortunetly, it probably is going to take a monkey escaping and someone getting hurt in order for the county or state to do something. This seems to be the way the laws work when it comes to Primates.

    Perhaps if there is an HOA in the neighborhood, you could get someone from HSUS or someone knowledgeable on Primates to come out and speak to everyone in regards to safety procedures if one were to get out. Children as well as adults need to know the dangers and the safety procedures. Children should NOT approach any monkey, if one is seen, go into the house, don't feed them and call 911 animal control. Photos also would be nice if this happened.

    I feel bad for you and all of the neighbors.
    Again thank you for making your voice known.

  4. Anonymous5:17 PM

    new to this site... but confused, is Judie Harrison the author/editor/owner of this site? if so does she not own her own chimps? yet at the bottom here, she has



    isn't that a little confusing?
    does marylands (where Judie Harrison lives) laws not prohibit the ownership of wild life, including chimps, apes and monkeys....?

  5. Dear Anon;
    Thank you for your comment. Yes I am Judie, the author of this blog. No I don't have any chimpanzees or monkeys anymore. It has been about 2 years now. I placed Mikey and Louie at the little rock zoo and the monkeys all went to great places, not in the hands of pet owners.

    I placed everyone when I decided that what I was doing was wrong. When I had the Primates, I feel under the USDA law and was grandfathered in for the state of MD. My husband and I both went and promoted the new law in MD so that private people could not own Primates.

  6. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Please take a look at this local news interview of Frisky's owner

    I'm wondering what you think.

  7. Dear Anon
    Thank you for your comment and the additional information. I have posted this and voiced my opinion.