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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jimmy the Chimpanzees Habeas Corpus coming up in Jan 2011


Habeas Corpus of chimpanzee Jimmy: decision is postponed
The decision about the Habeas Corpus of chimpanzee Jimmy, who lives isolated for years in a Cage at NiterĂ³i city zoo (Rio de Janeiro), was previewed to happen last December 16, but was postponed to January because of the members of the Tribunal asked to analyze the process more carefully.

Due to the Law courts recess, the trial will be retrieved after the second week of January, when the activities start again.

There is a great expectation in the Law area about the result of this process, which can represent the beginning of elementary basic rights recognition for great primates, so they are not slavered or submitted to prison and isolation in order to give profit to humans, as it used to happen centuries ago with some human races.
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