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Thursday, December 23, 2010

CareerBuilders are at it again with the Chimpanzees

I had a conversation with a friend of mine at PETA, years ago about this same subject. This was about the time that CareerBuilders had agreed with PETA that they no longer would use Chimpanzees in their ads. I told my friend that 4-5 years from then, this company would be right back to their old tricks. And they are.... CareerBuilders haven't you been reading the news in the past 2 years? You use older chimps which ARE at the age of hurting or possibly killing someone on the set. It's not OK to use them at any age! Get yourself educated on what happens to these chimps from the time they are ripped, crying from their mothers, all of the way through the 50 years of their horrible existence.. Just choose any chimpanzees name and do research on their entire life and multiply that by thousands of lives being ruined, both Chimps and Humans. Look at Charla/Sandra/Travis just for one. I bet you can't find one happy life story about any chimp!!!!!! Stop thinking of the money and think about the fact that all anyone wants is to be happy. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

Since most of the big guys that used Chimps in entertainment have placed their chimps and retired, I would say the chimps that are going to be used belong to Steve Martin in CA, AKA Steve Martins Working Wildlife.

Sometimes even the funniest ads can draw ire from viewing audiences.

After hearing that CareerBuilder plans on resurrecting chimpanzees for its 2011 Super Bowl ad, actress Angelica Huston wrote a letter to the job board’s CEO imploring him not to use the apes in his commercials.
PETA broke the news earlier this month that CareerBuilder was planning on using chimps to star in the ads.

Huston, a PETA activist, then wrote a letter to CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson asking him to watch her 2008 video on the abuse of ape actors, according to

Huston asked Ferguson to stop using chimps and to never use them again.

She writes, “I have no doubt that after seeing exactly what these animals go through off set, you will not want CareerBuilder to be associated with such a cruel industry.”

Huston said that chimps are abused, both physically and emotionally, during training. They are warehoused in “horrifying” conditions or kept in roadside cages if they become to large or aggressive to handle.

Other agencies have followed through with promises to stop using chimpanzees in ads and have either pulled ads or stopped using the animals altogether.

According to the ChicagoBreakingBusiness article, CareerBuilder responded by saying that a member of the American Humane Society was on-hand to supervise the shoot.

“During the production of our ad, we followed strict guidelines to ensure our chimpanzee stars were treated well and not harmed in any way,” the company said in a statement.

CareerBuilder first used the chimpanzees in 2006 for a slew of commercials featuring chimpanzees as hard-partying, disruptive employees in a corporate setting.

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