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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chimpanzee Y chromosome identifies nothing common with humans

The recent sequencing of the chimpanzee Y chromosome identifies no evidence for a common ancestry with humankind. Chimpanzees are modern pieces of the great ape family that occupy the rain forests and woodland savannas of equatorial Africa. Darwinists have always argued that chimpanzees are the closest living relatives to humans. However, intelligent design theorists argue that chimpanzees are only modern descends of australopithecines with no biological or genetic ancestral relationship to humanity.

Since the chimpanzee’s Y chromosome has been fully sequenced by geneticists and primatologists, the results do not appear to support a common human ancestry between humans and chimpanzees. Analysis of the chimpanzee’s Y chromosome confirms that it is radically different from the human Y chromosome. The chimpanzee’s Y chromosome has only two-thirds the number of distinct genes in the gene families, and 47 percent of the protein coding regions when compared to the primates human counterpart. Furthermore, more than 30 percent of the entire chimpanzee’s Y chromosome has no counterpart in human beings. The segments that do have counterparts in the human Y chromosome are often located in different regions of the chimpanzee’s Y chromosome.

According to a few lead researchers, it appears like there has been a dramatic reinvention and renovation of the chimpanzee and human Y chromosome lineages. Since evolutionary biologists, geneticists, and primatologists had to develop a pseudo-scientific explanation for the genetic differences observed between humans and chimpanzees, they speculate that the chimpanzee’s Y chromosome experienced a loss of DNA, while humans experienced a gain in DNA. These findings demonstrate conclusively that humans do not have a common ancestry with chimpanzees and other primates.

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