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Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby Gorilla dies at the Columbus Zoo-Jack Hanna

This is the zoo that the great and mighty Jack Hanna works. As you can tell I don't care for him too much. First off if any one's ever watched him on David Letterman and he is asked questions, some of the time he either doesn't know the answer or it's incorrect. He pays people like I use to be to meet him places with their animals so he can show off and make money for their appearances. Notice how he always has baby animals. Why aren't those animals with their mothers? I know because entertainers live off of the money these people will pay to see them for ratings for their shows. Alan Green wrote a book that tells in detail all about Jack Hanna

Now, about this baby gorilla. First off I don't understand why the Louisville Zoo couldn't make accommodations for this little gorilla and her mother! Instead they take her away from her mother, send her to the Columbus Zoo with no mommy and not knowing anyone. That in itself is so sad. Then  she gets sick with "flu like symptoms " on March 3rd, now 14 days later she dies!????? I don't understand why some of these zoos wait sooooooo long when they see an Ape sick to get the vet in there. The vet should be called immediately and should be out there the next day. For god sake this is 2 for them this year so far and it's only March. Maybe someone should be checking up on this Zoo and their vet and care staff!
Just look at her sweet face. What a shame a real shame!

Here's just one bad thing about Jack Hanna and you can certainly find more on the net. What does this tell us about the quality of the zoo employees, caretakers and upper management. If you really want to know the truth about animals in the entertainment and zoos, you really should read the book Animal Underworld. I found some of the information in there that I had actually seen in person, and have met some of the people mentioned in his book.
Jack Hanna here

Misha, the baby gorilla who was brought to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium for special care after she lost a leg, died this morning.

Zoo veterinarians and "people" doctors operated on the year-old gorilla yesterday. She became ill with flu-like symptoms March 3, and condition worsened, said zoo spokeswoman Patty Peters.

Surgeons found and repaired a perforated bowel but Misha died several hours later.

Peters said a necropsy -- animal autopsy -- will be performed, but doctors said an intestinal infection likely caused the bowel perforations.

Misha was born Feb. 6, 2010 at the Louisville Zoo and lost part of her left leg during an interaction with other zoo gorillas there. She moved to Columbus in May, and in August she was placed with Pongi, a female gorilla who became her surrogate mother.

Misha's hip was injured a week later when she became stuck in a climbing structure. When that healed in October, she returned to live with Pongi and a group of gorillas.

Misha is the second Columbus Zoo gorilla to die this year. In January, Lulu died at the age of 46 after she began having seizures.
The zoo now has 15 gorillas.
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