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Friday, March 25, 2011

Pet monkey owners monkey escapes for 3 days

What's wrong with this photo?
  • A private person owning monkeys
  • Monkeys outside with no lease or anything on can easily take off just as one did going to the vets office
  • Does this woman have a permit? Experience? Education on Primates?

Ok, this woman feels as though it's ok to have monkeys on her shoulder having no control over them OUTSIDE, but yet the cage is "opened" and the monkey escapes at the vets office. First off, monkeys should not be pets. Second, why would you put a monkey in a cage that you have not checked and double checked the lock on that cage. This monkey took off for 3 days once he/she escaped the cage then what makes this woman think that having them outside on her shoulder they won't do the same?
AMELIA, OH (FOX19) - A Clermont County woman is very relieved now that she knows her capuchin monkey named Figaro is safe after his three day adventure alone.

Alison Rost was unloading her 7-year-old monkey at the Clermont Animal Hospital Monday to be neutered when he became frightened and his cage opened and he took off for the trees.

She had had reports Wednesday that he was near Amelia High School, and made plans to look for him Thursday morning, which she did. Within hours, she found him and was able to take him back home.

Rost says the monkey never leaves her farm except to go to the vet, and says he is scared of people besides her, never having met many people.

The last sighting, before Figaro was found, was about a mile or mile and a half south of where he escaped.

She says Figaro is primarily a fruit-eating animal, but will dig under tree bark for insects or even catch animals as large as mice. She says capuchins are South American monkeys. She says the monkeys tend to stay 8-12 feet above the ground in trees, but they are happy to climb higher for food, or come down to the ground if they have someplace to go.
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