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Monday, March 21, 2011

WSLS's made a huge mistake!!!!!!!

Gosh WSLS your suppose to know about information you are reporting on. Haven't you learned anything when it comes to helping exploit Primates? You people will do anything to draw attention to yourselves, regardless of the outcome of the victim (monkey) in this case. Just take a look at this blog and get some education! There's nothing at all cute about ripping a screaming baby off of it's mother and then being forced to wear clothes and diapers and being smoothered inside a womans bra. Thats just disgusting, to say the least.
Thank you viewer for taking the time to care about the primates. Kudos to you!

One viewer has a suggestion to improve our 7pm newscast, calling to say, “It is very annoying and it is really hard to understand what the newscasters are saying when they have that music going constantly in the background. You need to leave it because the newscast is fine without it.”

A baby Marmoset had a lot of us in the newsroom and you and home saying, “Ahhhhh.” But, Rob Wilson had a different take.
Wilson wrote, “I am writing to register my dismay with the ‘cute, little monkey’ story you aired. The little monkey is indeed cute -- but it should never be in that woman's bra in the first place. Baby monkeys belong with their marmoset mothers, preferably in the jungle. It is delusional thinking for a human to call herself a "monkey mother" because the baby never saw the inside of her uterus. Please, please exercise some journalistic integrity when you report this sort of story.”

WSLS responds: Thanks for the email. We aired this story because the woman was initially removed from a local courthouse for bringing the monkey into the building with her. That first story generated a lot of viewer interest and we followed up the next day with a human interest story on the monkey and its owner. That wasn't all we covered that day.
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