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.The Little Rock Zoo needs to step up and care for the animals better! Please read the several artciles here with deaths, sickness and a bald chimp!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sign the petition to help the animals at the Little Rock Zoo

The animals CAN NOT speak for themselves so they all need as many voices to shout "GIVE US BETTER CONDITIONS" Thats where we come in. Only 2 minutes at the most to sign a petition that hopefully will make more awareness.
Petition here

Terrible Conditions at the Little Rock Zoo for The Animals

Hi readears, as some know I have had a beef with Little Rock Zoos care of the Chimpanzees so i would just assume that the other species are being cared for in the same way. The USDA is useless. i dealt with them for years. Zoos, santuaries and experimantal facilities are treated one way by the USDA (VERY CARTERED TO) You can go trough the posts and see how many Apes have died there in 2 years including a very young chimpanzee I owned by the name of Louie)
Please sign the petition here

Little Rock Zoo, Arkansas: Improve the animals health and habitats.
Petition by
searcy, AR

These are caged and helpless animals, and without someone on the outside to defend them nothing will change. We have pictures and a we have a video of a lion being mercilessly teased through the glass, and no one caring. The panthers back bone and ribs show and he hardly moves, he needs to be retired. TheTiger just paces back and forth roaring pleading for someone to do something. Penguins are featherless and in the summer they have no ice to retreat to.
Little Rock Zoo, Arkansas
Improve the animals health and habitats.
[Your name]

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  • 1 day ago
    As a zookeeper I believe zoos should be educational sanctuaries, happy and healthy animals are a matter of pride and joy.

  • Lorri CosteaSURREY, B.C., CANADA
    • 2 days ago
    These animals should be allowed to live healthy and as close to natural lives as God intended them to.

    • 2 days ago
    In this day and age, countries such as the USA should NOT be allowing this to happen.

    • 2 days ago

  • laurie korkCHULA VISTA, CA
    • 2 days ago
    this should not be happening, you must improve these conditions immediately or send these animals to a reputable sanctuary

    • 4 days ago
    Animals so badly need our help - please, do the right thing.

    • 4 days ago
    We need to learn that we too are creatures of this earth. Caring and compassion can save our world

  • Olivia WorthamSEARCY, AR
    • 7 days ago


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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Little Rock Zoo is unsafe for animals

Need I say More?!!!!! Animals die there and a few days its all forgotten!!! What about the precious animals lives that YOU PEOPLE were responsible for?


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Another dog attack in the area killed five farm animals at the Little Rock Zoo.
In this latest case, the dogs killed four goats and one sheep and injured several others. Zookeepers spotted the dogs early Thursday morning and found where they got in, but the dogs got away.
Workers with Little Rock Animal Services were called to the Little Rock Zoo Thursday, leaving behind a dog trap after the deadly attack.
"We're going to be very vigilant about this because we've never had an incident like this before," Zoo Director Mike Blakely said.
Blakely said around 7 a.m. Thursday, zoo staff made the rounds to the Children's Farm exhibit where they found two animals that didn't belong there.
"One was a pit-bull apparently light in color, the other one is a brown and white pit-bull terrier mix, not very big dogs," Blakely said.
The dogs got in after squeezing under an area of the zoo's perimeter fence that was being prepared to lay concrete over a drainage pipe.
The zoo is working with Little Rock Animal Services on this case. Blakely said officials there tell him that the dogs are similar to the ones that got in the Dunbar Community Garden last week, killing five animals.
"It certainly isn't out of the realm of possibility that those dogs could have traveled from that part of the city over to the zoo," Blakely said.
While that connection remains under investigation, the zoo will keep those traps on hand. Blakely says this is a tough loss for his staff.
"To have them die like this, to realize how they died, it's a very difficult thing to come to grips with," said Blakely.
The zoo is temporarily closing the Children's Farm Exhibit. Crews have also re-inspected the fence for weak spots.

Story Credit Here

Another Chimpanzee Ill at the Little Rock ZOO?

For all of the readers that know my history, and for those that don't, I allowed the Little Rock Zoo to have custody of my 2 young chimps  A FEW YEARS AGO. Since then, the youngest one 7 yrs old died there last year so I keep as close of watch on the other one Mikey to make sure nothing happens to him.
The photo below I found on the Internet from someone visiting the Little Rock Zoo. This is a photo of a chimp!!!! This chimp looks like it has been losing its HAIR for awhile. I think this chimps name is chance who was one year older than Mikey when my chimps arrived at The Little Rock zoo. Boy little boy looks like hes so sick. But of course as I have found out they use a reptile vet for Chimpanzees.NOT GOOD. I had 3 special Dr.s that would care for Primates only.

My little chimp that passed away, his name was Louie. I saw a photo of Louie from a visitor about one month before he passed. His whole body was swollen. I thought they were feeding him too much. I believe that he had a thyroid problem and it was never taken care of. Such a sweet little boy to have died because of the lack of knowledge that the "REPTILE" vet wouldn't have. Shame on you Little Rock Zoo!!!! Get a Primate Vet!!!!! Take some of those visitors money and hire one!!!!!!

You better take care of this one!!! I'm watching!

Thank you to the person that took this photo.

Looks at how his lips come up a bit and are still touching. Thats a sad face, a pouty face,  an uhappy face.. Poor Chance I hope we dont read about him in the future or Im going to get the USDA out there AGAIN to see whats going on!!!!! Knowing the Little Rock Zoo this is acceptable because now he looks like a freak which will bring much more money in. PLEASE HELP HIM!!!! Little Rock Zoos history of caring for Great Apes is NOT good!!! I love you Chance and my heart is with you.

Little Rock Zoo, you need to step up and get some REAL professional to take care of these wonderful Individuals!!!!!!!

Here is a photo I found of my ex-chimpanzee Mikey at the Little Rock Zoo that was taken by another visitor in July Look at his hair. Its beautiful!!!!When we left them, both chimps had beautiful long shinny black hair. They were BOTH very healthy. Look at his shoulder, he's losing his hair there!!!!!!! They must all be stressed out or a VERY BAD DIET!!!

 Little Rock step up and take responsibilities for these animals. You promised me the safety of both Louie and Mikey and you have NOT kept your part of the bargain MR. Steve Ross. Steve Ross Haha is in charge of the species survival for Great Apes within the zoos. Looks like he needs to be fired. Oh just a note on his back ground. he was a person that for years did experiments on Chimpanzees!!!! No wonder they are dieing off. That was his choice of career which shows me he has NO respect for these animals. See, that's whats wrong with people in wrong positions. Go back to slicing and dicing Steve Ross!!!!! This time do it on rats.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Another Gorilla at the Little Rock Zoo

The Little Rock Zoo introduces a new baby gorilla to the world. The baby was born Aug. 19 to gorillas Sekani and Fossey. The gorilla family just recently went outside for the first time since the birth of the baby. The Zoo staff report that mother and baby appear healthy and that the baby is nursing well.

Well, Lets see The Little Rock Zoo in the past few years has had 1 Gorilla Die, one baby dumped at another zoo and now another baby!!!!

In My opinion these people don't care about the animals, they care about the "attractions" as they call them they care about the money. Gorilla dies oh well there's a baby here and more people want to see the babies then the magnificent older Silverback Gorilla. So now another baby gorilla is expected so what do they do? They send the other baby Gorilla to the Lincoln Park Zoo so they can have a money maker also. Why not keep the families together so the young ones can grow up with each other. OH NO we want money at both zoos the hell with the babies growing up together like they would do in their natural state.

A Private Parrty at the Little Rock Zoo?

ZOO CLOSED - Private Event


Little Rock Zoo - map

The Little Rock Zoo will be CLOSED on Sunday,
September 16th
, for a private event.

The Zoo WILL BE OPEN on Monday, September 17th.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Little Rock Zoo Dumps another animal

Then maybe they shouldnt be having all of these huge apes in such a tiny confinement. Why let mom have another one. Gorillas will cover hundreds of miles per day and here they are stuck in tiny little cages at night (I have seen their cage and actually held this baby gorillas hand) and then during the day about 1/2 acre. No wonder these gorillas die of heart attacks at young ages. They get no excersize!!!!! They already had a Gorilla die, in the past 2 years. This is abuse as far as Im concerned. They give us this bullshit that they are perserving the species. Don't they understand that they are preserving nothing if they can't live the way they are sppose to.

Primate Keeper Daphne Pfeiffer and Kristin Harris were the keepers there when we arrived with our chimpanzees, Mikey and Louie. Daphne was one of the keepers that were "SUPPOSE" to be taking care of our little Chimp Louie, who passed away THERE at the age of 6 years old. These people do not know what they are doing with the Apes. Most of them have no education in the species they care for. I hold Little Rock Zoo, Daphne Pfeiffer and Kristin Harris responsible for the death of a very healthy little chimp. OUR CHIMP! LOUIE!

Daphne Pfeiffer is also the one that insisted that we let our chimps out of their carry cages so her and Kristin could see the chimps. More like play with them. Daphne walked all around the dungeon they call a inside habitat (actually under the ground) with Mikey my 7 yr old on her back. She walked and showed him all around. They were giving each other kisses on the mouth and playing. While Daphne was having fun with Mikey, Kristin had Little Louie (NOW DEAD), and was playing with him.

Now you tell me. Does this sound like people that are professionals or people that work there because they like to play with the animals but then on their other side of their face, they tell the public that Chimps should not be pets. Um.......

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The first gorilla to be born at the Little Rock Zoo is leaving home.

Zoo officials say 5-year-old Mosi will eventually start to challenge his father, Fossey, for dominance in the family group and must be moved to keep the peace.

Primate keeper Daphne Pfeiffer told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette ( Mosi probably won't really challenge his father until he is 8 or 9, but employees are beginning to see some irritation on the part of the females toward him. He'll be 6 on Oct. 10.

Primate keeper Daphne Pfeiffer told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Mosi probably won't really challenge his father until he is 8 or 9, but employees are beginning to see some irritation on the part of the females toward him.

Officials are going to ship him off to the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, where he'll join a bachelor group.

Gorillas live in family groups consisting of a mature male, several females and their young.

Mosi' mother, Sekani, will have a baby this fall.
Story Credit Here

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Little Rock Zoo is Predjudice against adopted children

By: Lauren Trager, KARK 4 News

Updated: March 18, 2012

A mother claims her family was discriminated against at the Little Rock Zoo Sunday because her children are of mixed race and adopted.

Dana Newman, who is white, says her family drove more than three hours from Salem, AR to visit the zoo. Her family includes two adult biological children and 9 adopted children, only 1 of whom is white, the rest are of other races.

When they arrived at the zoo gate, Newman says, because her kids don't look like her, they were told they couldn't use the family pass without proving they were really a family; the employee at the gate even asked to see adoption decrees.

Newman says they were held up for more than half an hour, their children growing more upset as other families were let in around them.
"There was a couple behind us and I asked them, are you going to ask for a birth certificate for that child? I mean, that's insane," Newman said.

Eventually, a supervisor allowed them in. Zoo officials say they've been having a problem with day care centers abusing the family pass system, so employees may have been trying to verify that the Newmans were not in fact a business.

We spoke with the Zoo Director. He apologized and said they would likely be doing some sensitivity training for employees in the future.
Story Credit and video Here
A mother claims her family was discriminated against at the Little Rock Zoo Sunday because her children are of mixed race and adopted.

Dana Newman, who is white, says her family drove more than three hours from Salem, AR to visit the zoo. Her family includes two adult biological children and 9 adopted children, only 1 of whom is white, the rest are of other races.

When they arrived at the zoo gate, Newman says, because her kids don't look like

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jeanne Rizzotto has been found!!!!!

Hi Readers;
Any of my readers that are here often, certainly know who Jeanne Rizzotto is, the GREAT liar. I was also one of her victims.

A friend of mine who owns another blog, click here left him a message telling us a little about where Jeanne Rizzotto is. Sounds like she is still up to her old tricks. My grandmother always use to say to me, "what goes around comes around" I guess its her turn now. Hope she had fun when she had money because with Goggle now a days anyone can find out whatever they like about someone. No one will hire her, GOOD for them! Perhaps Jeanne Rizzotto will learn to stop taking other peoples money.

I think it's funny that she talked so bad about me losing my chimps and my house and now the tables are turned. I now live on a 30 acre ranch with 7 wonderful horses, lots of new friends, no neighbors, a little log home along with the main house. I have 2 peacocks that are just the most wonderful animals. We have 5 raccoons, 3 skunks and 3 fox that we get the chance to see and feed every night. What a life here we have! too bad JR. I don't normally wish bad things on people, but after knowing all of the innocent people she has hurt, had affairs with married men, and those she cheated out of their money!

If Jeanne Rizzotto would like to come here and live in her little trailer (which by the way was part of her bankrupsy), I do take in strays!

Here was the comment"
Jeanne came to Vero Beach FL and tried to get a job as a sales associate. Not long after interviews, she would ask each for a loan. None were given. I believe she's left town as no one would hire her"

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sarah Baeckler of CSNW is exploiting the Sanctuary Chimpanzees

Dear readers;
In a previous post I talked about how Sarah baeckler was using the sanctuary chimps in a magazine. Exploiting I say! Why is it ok for her to do that but when private owners exploit their chimpanzees it's the most awful thing in the world? IN my opinion her sanctuary and some of the zoos don't agree with Chimps in the entertainment business because if they are the only ones with chimps, they get to make money off of them.

Funny how Sarah was put at Sid Yost ranch to spy on him, when he was in fact one of the best trainers I ever meet. I spent 2 weeks with his chimps and him. One of which was Angel who was about 220 lbs. She laid in the hammock and let me tickle her, we did gardening together, she was just like an adult person. Now IF she had been abused at ALL, she would not have been out of her enclosure walking around the ranch. So Sarah and Bruce Wagman of the ALDF had a plan to set him up, she lied, and his chimps were taken away. For a reward........ she got the tiny little sanctuary, which by the way is in the coldest part of the country with her little troupe of 7 chimps. A thank you per say for lying. I know she lied about me! She along with others of her statue will lie to gain popularity. In my opinion she is a want to be, the worst kind of chimpanzee people. Those chimps should NOT be in such cold weather. How many times a year do you think they go outside? For years they never even had an outside enclosure. To me that's abuse!
After posting the previous article I received this comment about her, which in my opinion is right on the mark.

Comment from one of my readers
This is hideous. Is there no other way for the hypocrites to gain noteriety and donations other than to pat themselves on the back and bring down others?

Ms Baeckler, well known in the small chimp circles she runs with, has been used as a pawn and figurehead for their advocacy of non-exploitation for almost seven years now.

She has made a career out of whoring herself for her own noteriety and fame, at the expense of others.

Is she truly a primatologist?

Is she truly and advocate?

Or is she just a mouthpiece for the Goodall's and the Fouts' of the world - who used the bespectacled mousey little make believe scientist to lie about Yost, advance her own personal agenda, and reward her with her little seven chimp sanctuary in the hills of Washington.

Hey Beackler, if you really want to do something valuable with your life, why don't you drag your sorry little lying ass in front of the cameras and tell the world all of the horrific things that the US Government is still doing to chimps - I don't see you advocate for them.

Glamour Schlamour.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bruce Wagman at the ALDF doesn't want to help a chimpanzee

Hi Readers;
As promised previously, here is the e-mail that I sent to Bruce Wagman, (whom I thought was a friend of mine and ALL animals.) I suppose helping me with my ex-Chimp, Mikey wasn't glorious enough for him.

The person mentioned in the e-mail was Steve Ross, one of the people on the SSP Board. I will talk about him and post his e-mails on another day, along with the story of when we dropped our chimpanzees off at the Little Rock Zoo..

I swear all of these people that pretend to want to help ALL animals are in for one thing only, their reputation!!!!!

The e-mail:
Hi Bruce;

This is not an e-mail I thought I would ever write, however, I am asking you for your help again.

If, you have not heard the very sad and devastating news, Louie our little chimp at the Little Rock Zoo has passed away.

Needless to say we are both devastated and crying is back to a way of life for us today.

Would you be willing to represent me on behalf of Mikey to get him transfered to a sanctaury? He is fixed, is all alone now, and I fear for his health and safety. It has been almost 3 years now and the zoo has not gotten them with the troupe. Now Mikey has no chance at all with the 2 very large dominate males they have which will result in him never going outside and staying in the little dungeon under the ground that they call a habitat..

I have contacted a friend of mine at a sanctaury ( I removed the name of the sanctuary) and offered to build a cage large enough for Mikey and a few more chimps. I am waiting to see if this is possible. I also contacted Steve Ross (the one that guaranteed me their safety) and asked him to consider the transfer or I would go to the media.

Here is the e-mail I sent to him:

"Hi Steve;

Well I never thought for one second that we would receive the devastating and heart breaking news I did today.

I am going to ask you nicely because I know you can make this decision.

I would like Mikey to get transferred to a sanctuary! I have money now and am able to purchase a primadome for the sanctuary. It isn't fair to Mikey that he doesn't have anyone. He is fixed and has no chance at all with the troupe you have there at the zoo. It has been 3 years now and still he is not with the troupe. I can't believe that we did not get this information until Louie died!!!!! Nothing like not giving us the chance to say good bye to him. After all we did raise him from a baby and for over 5 years. How fair was that to us? to Louie? and now to Mikey? I hope for every ones sake that nothing happens to Mikey when he decides not to eat because of the lose of his brother.

I'm really hoping that you will agree to this "in writing" so I can start making the arrangements.

I have a list of media #'s that I want to call right now, but will wait for your reply, please don't hestitate.. You know that I am a very determined person, and I will tell everything I know, including when Chance was transfered with a big chimp and upon arrival he almost bleed to death. Mikey is my love and I want him safe and happy.

I look forward to your reply ASAP

Judie "

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Little Rock Zoo Made the worst Zoo List - Yeah

For those of you readers that are new to this site The Little Rock zoo had 2 of my ex-chimps, one if which, Louie at the age of 7 passed away in their care!  He was still a baby. Never sick one day in his short little life. We love you Louie Louie. I have been trying to get the other one out of there (have a place for him) before he dies also. In the past 3 years they have has 2 infant chimps die, one adolescent, and a gorilla. I hope  this brings awareness to not only the elephants but also the Chimpanzees!
I HATE this zoo for allowing my little chimp to die. He was cared for with a vet that specializes in Reptiles! For Goodness sake/ if you scroll down you can read all of the posts about our little Louie and the uncaring way they told us about him. Our hearts are broken to say the least. We thought they would be well taken care of. My other chimp, Mikey is still being housed all by himself after 2 years. I believe they have no idea what they are doing. Sometimes it just seems as though no one cares. I even contacted Bruce Wagman of the aldf (whom I thought was a friend of mine and cared for all animals,) BUT he wasn't interested in helping me get Mikey out of there where he could be safe and with other chimps. The place where he should be I have been there dozens of times and actually placed a monkey there who is thriving with his female friend.

If anyone can help my little chimp who I love soooo much please contact me through this blog. The writer of this article, if you would like to know some of the real truth about this zoo, I'm the one to tell you. I would be more than happy to tell you everything from my own experience and things that were told to me by one of the caretakers of the zoo. Just google my name for my history.


Contact: Catherine Doyle, 323-301-5730,

Little Rock, Ark. (January 17, 2012) – The 2011 list of the Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants, released yesterday by In Defense of Animals (IDA), once again exposes the hidden suffering of elephants in zoos, where lack of space, unsuitably cold climates and unnatural conditions condemn Earth’s largest land mammals to lifetimes of deprivation, disease and early death. The list is in its eighth year.

A promising trend toward the closure of inadequate elephant displays continued in 2011 and includes zoos that have appeared on IDA’s annual list. The most recent are the Central Florida Zoo and Southwick’s Zoo in Massachusetts. The Toronto Zoo’s appearance on the 2009 list sparked a campaign that led to the closure of that exhibit in 2012. This brings the number of zoos that have closed or will close their elephant exhibits to 22, and zoo experts expect that number to rise.

The Little Rock Zoo appears for the first time on IDA’s list with the following entry:

Little Rock Zoo (Arkansas) – Two’s not a crowd. After the death of Mary in 2011, IDA urged the zoo not to seek a cage-mate for remaining elephant Ellen but to instead close its outdated exhibit and send Ellen to a spacious, natural-habitat sanctuary. Instead, the zoo recklessly rushed in two older elephants acquired from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus – even though Ellen and one of the elephants were predictably incompatible – in order to meet the required AZA minimum of three elephants. Ellen died less than a month later, and the zoo found itself with two elephants and again out of compliance. With a shortage of elephants in zoos, it’s only a matter of time before this zoo is forced to end its elephant program. It should save Little Rock taxpayers some money and the elephants a lot of misery by ending its elephant program now.

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park (California) earns yet another dishonorable mention, and the San Antonio Zoo (Texas) becomes the newest inductee into the Worst Zoos for Elephants Hall of Shame, a special honor reserved for the worst repeat offenders.

Another result of IDA’s relentless advocacy for elephants in zoos has been the creation of an historic management policy by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). The new policy calls for an end to handling that requires keepers to share the same unrestricted space with elephants. If the AZA is serious about enforcing this policy, it will facilitate an end to the use of the bullhook, a weapon used by keepers to threaten and often inflict painful physical punishment.

“IDA’s Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants list illustrates the many serious problems that condemn elephants to lives of misery in zoos,” said IDA Elephant Campaign Director Catherine Doyle. “These include abnormal repetitive behaviors, hyper-aggression, social isolation, and deadly conditions such as foot and joint disease caused by lack of space and movement.”

“Scientific research has shown what elephants need: space to walk miles every day, large families with whom to spend their lives, and rich natural environments,” said Doyle. “Caging elephants in zoo displays is not humane and it is not conservation.”

For more information, please visit

Contact: Catherine Doyle, 323-301-5730,

In Defense of Animals is an international animal protection organization located in San Rafael, Calif. dedicated to protecting animals’ rights, welfare, and habitat through education, outreach, and our hands-on rescue facilities in India, Africa, and rural Mississippi.
Story credit here


IN DEFENSE OF ANIMALS • 3010 KERNER BLVD. • SAN RAFAEL, CA 94901 • 415-448-0048

Monday, December 19, 2011

Is Little Rock Zoo Hiding Something? Is Steve Ross a fake!

Well folks as can read from previous e-mails, we entrusted the Little Rock Zoo with both our juvenile chimps, Mikey and Louie. Louie has passed away at the age of 7 years old!!!!! How in the world does a small chimp that we raised from 6 months old, DIE? He was such a healthy chimp. God, chimps in the wild don't even die from what they said he had. Mikey is in a cage all by himself. They haven't even gotten him in with a chimp family yet. For goodness sake private owners could have had that done already.

We contacted the State Attorney General of the state of Arkansas, and they refuse to give us the information? Why do you suppose that is when they are "suppose " to honor all FIOA's. Perhaps the little rock zoo had something to do with that? Hiding something Little rock zoo?

There have been 2 main caretakers for the Chimps, one of which is named Kristin.
She was "suppose" to give us an update on the chimps whenever we asked for one. It was an agreement that we had made BEFORE we even allowed the chimps to go there. So... for the first year Kristin would give me those updates. Then all of the sudden she stops. We accepted the fact that perhaps she was tired of it. THEN, Louie dies and we get a very unemotional e-mail telling us because she knew I would hear it through the media. So why was that promise broken? We didn't even get a phone call when Louie was sick.

I tried to get Mikey transferred out of there through Steve Ross. I had a really nice sanctuary that was willing to take him that have other chimps. I have been to this sanctuary dozens of times. If you don't know who Steve Ross is google him. He use to experiment on chimps and now he thinks he's this great scientist, writing books about their behaviour. What about all of the chimps you infected with diseases, that you watched day in and day out sit in tiny little concrete cages with no enrichment, house by themselves and tortured. Now why would he have the right to have a different view about the chimps. You either love them or you don't. Steve Ross has increased his career on people like myself, Jeanne Rizzotto and other private owners. Steve Ross told me that if I helped out their cause with not owning Chimps as pets that I would be apart of the SSP's special program. (I am not going to write the name I don't want him getting any recognition anymore from me.) I was excited about this program because it would have been with other private chimps. I agreed since my chimps were gone. UM I wonder if he promised Jeanne Rizzotto the same thing?

My husband wrote to Kristin at the little rock zoo on her PERSONAL e-mail account, not her's at the zoo on November 4th. We get an e-mail back from the director at the Little Rock Zoo named Mike Blankey stating that Kristin doesn't work there anymore. First off, how did her e-mail get to him? Did she send it to him? Secondly, is it true that Kristin isn't working there anymore? or did Mike Blankey lie? If Kristin isn't there doesn't it seem odd that after working at the Little Rock Zoo for many years, why would she leave a short 2 months after Louie passes away. So... Was Kristin fired? did she leave because of Louie? Is Mike Blankey lying?, and if so Why?

My next post will give you information on the day we dropped the chimps off, who got bit, and what little chimp got a few of his toes bitten off when in transfer from one zoo to the Little Rock Zoo. Stay tuned. You see I just don't care anymore about telling the truth of the secrets I hold when it comes to the entire placing Mikey and Louie at the Little Rock Zoo. I will also go more into detail about the type of person Steve Ross is, along with posting some of his uncaring e-mails to me during our bereavement time.

Here are the e-mails from Mike Blakely at the Little Rock Zoo

From: Blakely, Mike []

Sent: Monday, November 14, 2011 3:30 PM

To: Gregg Harrison

Subject: FW: Chimp Response Mr. Harrison, I just wanted to let you know that Kristin is no longer a keeper at the Little Rock Zoo. By the way, Mikey is doing fine. Mike Blakely

From: Blakely, Mike

Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2011 3:15 PM

To: ''

Subject: Chimp Response Mr. Harrison, The Little Rock Zoo is appreciative of the donation of Mikey and Louie to the Zoo. Both have received the best of care while in our custody. It is very unfortunate that Louie passed away, but his death was not due to any lack of care from our Zoo staff. The Zoo will continue to provide excellent care for Mikey, just as it does for the other chimps and all our animals at the Zoo. Thank you for your interest in Mikey’s welfare and for your support of the Little Rock Zoo. Mike Blakely, DirectorLittle Rock Zoo

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Little Rock Zoo has no answers for us about our Chimp Louie dieing! Nor do they care!

So many questions and no answers
by Greg Harrison

It has now been over 2 weeks since we received the email informing us of Louie’s passing, and while the grief, emptiness, and sadness is still unbearable at times, in those moments when we have some time to ponder lucid thoughts, all we are left with are many, many questions….and no answers.

Judie has always given you, her readers across the globe, the opportunity to probe and discuss while learning about apes and monkeys ion ways no other site on the internet provides. Her point of view is like no other, as we have owned primates, worked with primates, and when challenged with the ultimate questions that have confronted so many private owners before us – “What do you do when you know they can’t be with you any longer?” – We answered with what we thought at the time was the correct thing to do – and we placed them.

Here is a link to the story that was posted on the internet - fed by a press release by the PR folks at the zoo – and not really reported on. Take a quick second to read the link below, and then save the link so you can follow along with the tale:

Now that Louie has passed on from this world, and we have begun the grieving process, this blog would like for you readers to take a few minutes and ponder the questions that are running through our collective brains today:

1. Why weren’t we informed that Louie was sick? Why weren’t we asked for any of the “gen etic records” that the press release claims that could have “aided in the diagnosis” of Louie’s disease?

2. The zoo knew where the chimps were born. We discussed that with them at length before they went there. Why didn’t the zoo veterinarian call the facility, or us, to discuss her needs?

3. What resources did the vet tap into across the world for help with Louie’s condition? Did she call the CDC? Did she call the NIH? Was there any investigation into this condition?

4. The following link, easily found in a 30 second search on the internet, quotes a world renowned researcher, Dr. Alessio Fasano at the University of Maryland “"Apes, monkeys and chimpanzees rarely develop autoimmune disorders…” – so why was the zoo veterinarian convinced that what Louie had developed was indeed an AID?

5. Was there an environmental trigger at the zoo that, if Louie had been born with this condition would have triggered his response? We find it very coincidental that this same zoo, in the past three years, has had three infants die, and now 7 year old Louie die. Chimps are very hearty, durable animals. Louie had maybe had two colds in his whole life before he got to Little Rock. He had a great appetite, was as strong as an ox, and in this picture taken at the zoo in June (found on Flickr by us last month) he looks pretty good – maybe even a little heavy:

6. Lastly – we have asked the USDA to investigate the treatment and care that Louie received from the zoo in the past several months. Now we know by reading this blog that this poorly run governmental agency has had its own disagreements with Judie and I – but we must try to find a way within ourselves to trust the system to do the right things and investigate his death the right way. We promise to keep you readers informed of the progress of things from here on out, and we are going to be working on a tribute site to Louie where readers will be able to see many pictures of Louie, his media work, and some real good stories that we will share with you.

Thank you all for your readership

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Louie Our Chimpanzee Dies at the Little Rock Zoo

My husband Greg wrote this for Louie. I still can't write anything. The tears come down so hard I can't see.

"Our youngest son died yesterday morning. He was a week and a day short of his eighth birthday. The email said that he had an auto immune disorder that he had been fighting for several weeks, and that the doctors and the care staff had made every effort to save his little life, but, as they said in the email, it just wasn’t meant to be.

So sad that these people that had truly come to know our son would seem so indifferent to the only mother and father he had ever known when they described his passing to us. They fed, played, and cared for him for almost three years, and I believe in my heart that they had come to love him too, but not like Judie and I did.

We met Louie on Christmas Eve in 2003. The owners of the facility where we had adopted his brother, Mikey, sent us an email with a picture attached of a fuzzy little baby boy. He was 4 months old at the time. They said in the email that we just had to have him – that he was going to be small and was very lovable. We fell in love that cold Christmas Eve, and three months later he was home with us.

Louie was a very special son. He was smart, kind, gentle to all living creatures, and had a wonderful disposition. He loved his Vitamin Water and his Saturday morning pound cakes. He loved puppies and his big brother. He loved bellies – fat or skinny, old or young – he never met a belly he did not love. He bottle fed bear cubs, baby monkeys, and even a few children. But most of all, he loved Judie and I. He touched tens of thousands, maybe millions of lives. He performed at schools, nursing homes, colleges, people’s backyards, and on the television. He worked with Conan, Human Giant, All Time Low, and for Oprah. He was the face of Monkey Butt Powder, Citizens Bank, and at times the powerful Philadelphia radio station WMMR.

But in our lives, he was just our little Boo-Boo – the cutest little snaggle- toothed sweetest chimpanzee that anyone will ever know. Judie and I loved him with all of our heart, and all of our soul. In the last few months that the chimps lived with us, our hearts were broken because we knew that as they got older and stronger, our ability to keep them safe from harm and all of the world’s dangers were quickly coming to an end and that we needed to find for them a place where the dangerous world we live in would not bring them harm, and Little Rock Zoo offered them a sanctuary of sorts. They would be safe, and they would be together, and they would never have to leave. That was less than three years ago. Now Louie is gone to this mysterious disease, and Mikey is left all alone, missing his baby brother. Our hearts ache for the loss of our Louie, but they ache more for Mikey’s loss of his true best friend and his companion of over seven years.

I missed Louie every day as I went about my life since the chimps left, as familiar things I would think of or see would bring back the sweet memories of our time together. Just walking through a grocery store would take me back to things they love, and then it would take hours sometimes to shake off the emptiness that I would feel after seeing a simple container of pudding on a shelf. It has been said that losing a child is the hardest thing any parent will ever have to face, and now we understand. The hurt is profound, and the sense of loss is unbearable. We love you little Boo Boo, and we always will. Please watch over your big brother as he searches for your soul in the wind. We are sorry we couldn’t have been there to help you in your time of pain and suffering, and for that I will never forgive the people that we entrusted your care to – as they never even told us you were sick. We will cross our celestial paths once again in whatever lives there are beyond this one, and I will look for you to give me your biggest hug and shake your little butt for me as you did here on earth.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Louie My Chimpanzee has died at the Little Rock Zoo SOOOOOOO SAD!!!

This is probably the hardest and the most hurt we have ever felt in our entire lives. This to us is like losing a child. A child that was only 7 years old and had at least 40 more years with his brother Mikey.

This will be brief, for now. My husband and I will be doing a nice segment on Louie when we are able to stop feeling such great lose and hurt. Please check back.

One of the two loves of our lives has passed away at the Little Rock Zoo.
I entrusted this zoo to take care of Louie and Mikey, my ex-chimps, but now Mikey is alone and Louie at the age of 7 years old is gone and Mikey is still not with the troupe even after 3 years.

I am working on some angles with Mikey which at this point I can't disclose.

Because Mikey and Louie did allot of jobs in the media, they met allot of people that loved them. I'd like to give anyone the opportunity to e-mail us with your comments, stories of yourself and Louie or just to say goodbye to a wonderful, sweet little chimp.
You can e-mail us at
or you can post a comment here on this post. Thank you.

We love you Louie and you will always be our hearts.

Any media that would like to interview me I would be more than happy to tell you their story at the Little Rock Zoo. You can e-mail me at the same e-mail addy listed above.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sarah Baeckler of CSNW is exploiting the Sanctuary Chimpanzees

Hi Readers;
This is one of the Sanctuaries that I truley believed in, until now! Sarah once wrote a horrible article on me when I had my chimps in the entertainment business. She had said that I was one of the worse "back yard" trainers. Even though Sarah never knew me or my chimps, she voiced a very harsh opinion of me with nothing to back up her opinion. No facts at all.  Now the very same Sarah Baeckler is exploiting the chimps at the sanctuary where she works in Glamour Magazine? Shame on you Sarah. Sanctioned is not exploiting. Carole noon would NEVER do such a thing if she were still alive.

Basically Sarah is doing the same thing that the entertainers do, exploit their chimps for money. Being in this magazine will bring in money, the same as trainers when they do jobs using the chimps. The only difference is the word "sanctuary"

This news article was sent to me.....

April 2011 News
Glamour Magazine!

CSNW Executive Director Sarah Baeckler is pictured, along with Burrito and Missy, in the May issue of Glamour Magazine. Don't worry - Sarah hasn't switched careers to become a model. The article is in the "Real Stories" section of the magazine featuring her work to uncover the abuse of chimpanzees in the entertainment industry. Pick up a copy today!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Gini Valbuena The "animal Abuser" has a TV show? OMG

OK Folks if anyone wants to know what type of person Gini Valbuena is and has been, here is just a "SMALL" bit of information on her. I have just about every article on this blog about her, including the one where when she got married. Instead of having flowers she had Orangutans. Yes folks that's right, live baby orangutans, an endangered species. Babies that were ripped off of their mothers screaming for Gini Valbuena's entertainment.

Her newest Chimp named Eli (the one where there was a battle over) and Gini Valbuena now have a show called Mommy Chimp. It just breaks my heart that with so much education out there on why Chimpanzees should not be pets, how could a production company make such a decision? For 45 years Gini has been buying, trading and selling Chimps when they are of no use to her anymore.  She gets a new baby about every 2 years and then either trades them for younger ones or send them off to a trainer to get more money from them. Example: Steve Martin.

Don't people understand that chimps aren't cute anymore? That's why GINI VALBUENA dumps them before they reach that dangerous age. She can't handle them unless they are babies.
Buying baby chimps only feeds into the breeding and the taking of the babies to be put into entertainment, bred or used as play dates.

No one is suppose to know Gini's secrets. BUT when people like Carole and myself know her, and speak the truth about her, she lies about the very people that tell the truth about her.

In the next few months I will be disclosing information about what Gini Valbuena did to me, how she got one of the members of my family in deep trouble not only with law suits but with FEDERAL charges brought against all parties involved.

Gini Valbuena

When Carole Baskin and Big Cat Rescue became known for trying to stop the trade in exotic cats as pets, Gini Valbuena began slandering them in an attempt to draw the attention off the subject; Exotic Animals as Pets, which is not a subject anyone can defend, and try to misdirect attention in any way she can.

Gini Valbuena runs a photography studio in her home where people pay to come have their pictures taken with a baby chimp or baby orangutan. She also uses the babies for photos by themselves, by dressing them up in baby clothes, for calendars and such. She keeps one adult chimp (at least) in a barred cage in her back yard and she has turned a room inside into a cage as well. She hands out cards that say Valbuena Photography and Valbuena Chimps and defines herself by the latter. On her website she proudly displays disturbing photos of naked and nearly naked children with chimps doing things like sticking their fingers in a crying baby's mouth. Read about how dangerous zoonosis is HERE

She claims to have owned 15 chimps and 4 orangutans, but says she only owns two chimps now named Kenya and Tanzee. When she has been profiled in the news she refuses to say where her chimps and orangutans end up when she is through using them. She will only say that they always go to a great sanctuary...but that isn't likely. Great sanctuaries are accredited and as such they do not enable people like Gini Valbuena to continue to use, abuse and discard primates. Before giving her a moment's worth of your time, find out where these primates really end up, who is footing the bill for their care for the next 40 years and make sure you see them in person.

These people often use aliases, false addresses and other methods to hide their real identities when they spread their libelous claims because when their background becomes known, it is apparent that there is no truth to their assertions. It is all a ruse, meant to distract from the real issue which is that exotic animals should not be kept as pets.

The letter that Carole Baskin wrote advising neighbors of exotic animal owners about a public workshop to address the proposal that neighbors be notified in the event of an escape is posted below:

See an interactive online map of exotic cat owners. See people being stupid with big cats, endangering themselves and others HERE. See the awful conditions that many captive cats endure HERE.

The letter that Carole Baskin wrote advising neighbors of exotic animal owners about a public workshop to address the proposal that neighbors be notified in the event of an escape is posted below:

Dear Exotic Animal Neighbor, October 2, 2007

Did you even know that there are people living right next to you who own dangerous Class I and Class II wild animals? It could be anything from a bobcat to a tiger. While they may be caged now, what happens in a hurricane? The cobras and black mamba sort of neighbors are even more prone to escape. We post a list of the big cat escapes, killings & maulings on our website.

Keeping wild animals in private collections is cruel to the animals and dangerous for you.

At a recent meeting of the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission they voted down a recommendation that neighbors be notified BEFORE someone moves in next to them with dangerous wild animals because the breeders, dealers and exotic pet owners were there but their neighbors weren’t. They decided to offer two more meetings for neighbors to respond before voting on whether you should be notified when a dangerous wild animal escapes near you.

Of course, just like all of their other meetings, you won’t be notified by them of when and where.

We think you have a right to know.

DATE AND TIME: October 8, 2007, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

PLACE: Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry Auditorium, 1911 SW 34th Street, Gainesville, Florida 32614.

DATE AND TIME: October 9, 2007, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

PLACE: The Ft. Lauderdale City Commission Chambers, 100 N. Andrews Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33301-1016.

For more information on the meetings contact Captain Linda E. Harrison, FWC Division of Law Enforcement Linda.harrison@MyFWC.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

To find out who in your neighborhood has these animals will cost you $50.00 (and a lot of frustration, because the FWC doesn’t want you to know) but you can try to get the list from FL Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission Attn. Debbie Manderfield 2590 Executive Center Circle, Suite #200 Tallahassee, Fl 32301. We purchased the list and found your address to be adjacent to one of the owners of Class I or Class II wildlife. We thought you ought to know.

For the cats,
Carole Baskin, Founder

Curious? You can get closer

For $100, you can spend an hour with an chimp. The money goes toward the owner's medical bills.


Published October 13, 2006
CLEARWATER - On Cheri Pierce's list of things to do before she dies: hold a chimpanzee.
So Pierce, who lives in New York, traveled to a home in Clearwater last week for her very own private chimp encounter.
Noah, a 7-month-old chimp, pulled her blond hair, swatted her cheek and kissed her on the mouth. Gini Valbuena, Noah's owner, hovered in the background.
Valbuena has owned and raised dozens of chimps and monkeys over the past four decades. She currently has three chimps at home. For 20 years, Valbuena cared for her menagerie with the money she made from running a photo studio out of her home.
But in August, she had gallbladder surgery and racked up $50,000 in medical bills - all without insurance.
Suddenly, she needs the chimps as much as they need her.
"I fully supported them for many years," Valbuena wrote in an e-mail. "Now we work together doing something they love. ... We've hit a bump in the road due to circumstances we could not foretell, but we'll steer around it together."
* * *
Her first monkey - a capuchin, the kind used by organ grinders - was a gift from her parents when she was 12 years old.
Valbuena can't explain why, but she connected with the monkey.
More followed: gibbons, chimpanzees, orangutans. She owned some of them, but also raised many for other people. She also has had several big cats, including a lion. Valbuena also married, had four children and divorced. To this day, her daughter picks up her kids' toys with her feet - like a chimp.

Back then, there were no laws against owning chimps or lions as pets. Today, by law, you can own them only if it involves a commercial use.
Valbuena took photos of regular folks but she also photographed the chimps in dresses and suits and sent them to greeting card companies.
A few years ago, her photo studio went under and she began offering chimp encounters for $100 an hour. She also takes her chimps to Naples for a few months each year for corporate events at a private preserve.

One of her chimps, 5-year-old Kenya, is over 40 pounds and is not allowed to participate in the encounters. Usually when her chimps reach sexual maturity, between ages 7 and 9, Valbuena sends them to an 82-acre farm she won't name somewhere in Florida.
She continues to raise them from afar.

* * *

In Florida, you can swim with dolphins, manatees and stingrays, pay to have a tiger cub climb your leg and touch a legless lizard named Jimmy Dean.

About 55 people and companies in Florida are licensed to exhibit chimps, which cost anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000. They include Busch Gardens in Tampa and Walt Disney World in Orlando.

Valbuena, who doesn't want to give her age but is in her 50s, is one of them. She's locked in a continuous battle with animal rights activists, who disapprove of private ownership of wild animals or using them for amusement.
Valbuena says chimps love the interaction and she loves them like children. She does not sell her older chimps to research centers, and figures anything that keeps the species going is a good thing.

In August, after her gallbladder was removed, Valbuena began advertising her chimp encounters more. "It is very enriching for the chimps as they become bored easily and we are always looking for ways to entertain them," she says.
But then she wonders. Her parents raised dozens of foster children.
"Sometimes I think about Mom and Dad raising all those foster babies all those years. All that time and attention, and I know there are all these children out there, and sometimes I feel guilty about giving it all to an animal, but these are just like my children. They are my family."
* * *
Valbuena sits on a stool as 3-year-old Kira, dressed in a Bugs Bunny diaper, clings to her. Dr. Darryl Heard, a University of Florida professor and zoological medicine specialist, gives Kira anesthesia.

"It's okay. Kisses. I know. Sorry," Valbuena coos, tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

The chimps are her life. They eat five or six times a day and need round-the-clock care, like human infants. And now Kira needs a tooth extraction, at a cost of $500.
Valbuena knows of at least three chimps and four monkeys who have died under anesthesia.

Is she doing the right thing?

About 45 minutes later, the doctor calmly tells Valbuena the tooth came out, but there is something wrong with Kira's breathing.

Valbuena's chin quivers.
"There's so much happiness and joy in them and when one is the sick, it's the worst," she cries.
Kira, however, is fine. Valbuena cradles the groggy chimp. "Hi, darling, Mommy's so glad you're better."

Before heading back to Clearwater, Valbuena sits in her Dodge Caravan in the parking lot and slides Kira into a toddler-size pink one-piece with white eyelet trim along the back.

"Put your jammies on, darling," Valbuena says. "Mommy's so sorry you had to go through that."
All is well.

* * *

Behind Valbuena's home on a deck with two large cages, Pierce arrives to play with Kira. Valbuena makes the New York woman wash her hands with a disinfectant first.

Heard, the UF animal doctor, says chimps and people can give diseases to each other. Valbuena, however, says her animals have all their shots and have been checked for diseases. She's more worried about people giving the animals diseases.

Pierce has gifts for the chimps, a xylophone and a pair of maracas. Kira quickly breaks the xylophone's mallet in two and hides one of the maracas in the crook of her leg.
Then she leaps into Pierce's arms and gives her a big hug.
"Oh, I love you," says Pierce, her blue eyes fixed on the chimp's craggy face. "Want to come home with me?"
Kira and Pierce kiss, then Kira does a somersault.
"I don't know how you do it," Pierce tells Valbuena. "I'd play with them all day."

The chimp smiles, revealing a gap in her front teeth. Then she looks around for Valbuena, who's standing off to the side, monitoring the encounter.

"Mommy's not going anywhere," Valbuena says.

[Last modified October 13, 2006, 06:30:58]
Chimps aren't pets

The story of a woman who owns chimpanzees presented Gini Valbuena as an animal lover who is now "working together" with her chimpanzees to raise the $50,000 she racked up in medical bills because she didn't have health insurance.

According to the article, Valbuena is promoting a $100-per-hour "chimp encounter" to individuals and groups. In the past, Valbuena also "raised monkeys for other people." And when the chimps reach sexual maturity, "Valbuena sends them to an 82-acre farm she won't name somewhere in Florida." Is it no wonder animal rights activists have been in a "continuous battle" with Valbuena?
Anyone with common sense would be in conflict with her. Chimps should not be pets, and they don't belong in diapers and children's clothing.
Allowing people the freedom to "own" wildlife, from chimpanzees to python snakes, is unconscionable. And the Times' choice to write a piece that touts exploitation as humanitarian is revolting.
As a former director of an animal welfare organization, I will tell you that every story like this negates what we try to do to mitigate the overpopulation of pets in this country. Shame on you.
Marylou Doehrman, Spring Hill


Shame, shame!

SHAME ON YOU for promoting Amazing Animal Actors ("Talking with the animals," June 28, 2002).
These chimpanzee babies belong with their mothers, not with a chimp pimp renting them for $200 an hour. Chimpanzees have long childhoods, like us; in the wild they are not weaned until about 5 years old and stay near mother until about 9.
Chimpanzees are not furry little humans, and must not be treated like animated toys for human amusement. What will really happen to these youngsters when they are no longer cute and cuddly? Raised away from chimpanzee society, they have not learned to act like chimpanzees, and no reputable zoo will take such misfits.
Sadly, when chimpanzee children have grown too big and strong to be easily controlled, they are typically sold into biomedical research or to ramshackle roadside zoos, or are forced to breed a new generation of performers. Chimpanzees can live to be 60 years old, but entertainers are usually discarded before they reach 8.
Because chimpanzees are just like us in all the ways that matter, it is wrong to use them for amusement. Shame on your newspaper for giving free advertising to a chimp pimp.
Cyn Krueger

Stop Experimentation on & Exploitation of Chimpanzees (SEEC), Mercer Island, Wash.
'Pay to play' chimp program is the problem
Re: A chimp play date, story, July 5.

On behalf of the Chimpanzee Collaboratory, I would like to point out that your July 5 article on Gini Valbuena's "pay to play" chimpanzee program in Clearwater omitted a few important details.

We are a group of scientists, public policy experts and attorneys that includes world-renowned primatologist and advocate Jane Goodall. We are dedicated to improving the lives of chimpanzees and other great apes. Programs such as Valbuena's are exactly what we are trying to protect chimpanzees and other great apes from.

Captive chimpanzees in this type of situation are usually taken from their mothers at infancy and are denied the opportunity to grow up in a normal chimpanzee family. Later in life, they become too strong for a "hands-on" approach by even the most caring human guardian.

Chimpanzees are extremely social beings, but they become so humanized when raised in this manner that, once placed in a sanctuary with other chimpanzees, they do not know how to interact and they suffer horribly from social isolation. Those are the lucky ones. More often than not, chimpanzees used in entertainment end up being sold to biomedical laboratories or roadside zoos, where they may remain for decades.
Readers who wish to learn about the true nature of chimpanzees and their plight can contact the Center for Captive Chimpanzee Care in Boynton Beach ( This sanctuary, run by Chimpanzee Collaboratory member Dr. Carole Noon, is home to chimpanzees who previously lived in an Air Force laboratory. She also provides sanctuary for chimpanzees who were orphaned by their owners, who initially kept them as pets but were no longer able to take care of them.

Noon provides true sanctuary for these individuals and allows them to be who they are - chimpanzees, not props for our entertainment.
Liz Clancy Lyons,

The Chimpanzee Collaboratory, Washington, D.C.
Cruel advertisement

October 11th, 2006 by admin
Recently, a disturbing advertisement appeared on the popular online community, The ad featured a photo of a baby chimpanzee and offered “hands-on” encounters with chimpanzees for $100/hour. The ad promised, “Your encounter may include holding, feeding, playing with and photographing a young chimpanzee.”
The ad was placed by Gini Valbuena, who operates a business (Valbuena Chimps) out of her home in Clearwater. In addition to “Chimpanzee Encounters,” she also rents her chimpanzees for commercials, trade shows, etc. Unfortunately, this is not illegal. But it is certainly exploitive and teaches horrible messages about these endangered animals.
Posted in News

4 Responses to “Help us get cruel advertisement offline”

on 12 Oct 2006 at 8:24 pm Lisa

When will this disgusting, inhumane and cruel practice be put under the spot light and eliminated. Cannot Gini Valbuena be charged with anything?

on 12 Oct 2006 at 9:02 pm Bridget Devaney

Gini needs to get a job that requires her to work instead of her poor animals that have no choice in the matter. I’d respect her if she was charging for “Gini Encounters” for $100 an hour.

on 18 Jan 2007 at 8:29 pm Sam Hunah

That’s just awful. And you know I have done some research on this Gini and it looks like she’s had about 20 chimps in her lifetime. Where did they all go?

on 18 Jan 2007 at 8:34 pm forthechimps

She’s a Godshame. She has dumped soooo many chimps over the years that she needs her own sanctuary just to keep her unwanted retirees.

How this woman is still allowed to treat her babies like this is just a huge question to me.

How does she think the baby chimps feel when they always see the older ones that grow up with gone one day…doesn’t she understand that they know what their future holds?

Doesn’t she care?

I hate her.

See an interactive online map of exotic cat owners. See people being stupid with big cats, endangering themselves and others HERE. See the awful conditions that many captive cats endure HERE.

Register to comment, but be advised that this site is monitored by real people who will only approve content that is relevant.

Article and all links can be found here

Friday, April 8, 2011

Orphan Chimpanzees Successfully Released Into the Wild 2 years ago and are doing great

Six males and six females between eight and 20 years old were released in June 2008. Over two years after the release, nine chimpanzees remain free-living with two males and three females forming a group at the original release site. Two of these females gave birth to healthy offspring and another female successfully integrated into a wild chimpanzee community. (Credit: Image courtesy of University of Kent)

The release was the first of its kind to use VHF-GPS store-on-board ARGOS tracking collars to monitor the progress of the chimpanzees. The ARGOS system emits GPS points to satellites downloadable via the internet. It is also only the second time that rehabilitated chimpanzees have been released back into the wild in an area where other wild chimpanzees live.

Dr Tatyana Humle from the University of Kent is the scientific advisor to the project, which is being carried out by the Chimpanzee Conservation Centre in the Haut Niger National Park, Guinea, West Africa. This centre is one of 14 Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA)-accredited sanctuaries caring for chimpanzee victims of the pet and bush meat trade.

Six males and six females between eight and 20 years old were released in June 2008. Over two years after the release, nine chimpanzees remain free-living with two males and three females forming a group at the original release site. Two of these females gave birth to healthy offspring and another female successfully integrated into a wild chimpanzee community.

The release presented a number of challenges for researchers including finding a suitable release area, assessing its overlap with the home range of other wild chimpanzees to minimize competition and the risk of aggression, and ensuring the chimpanzees' ability to survive independently of human assistance.

The GPS points stored on the collars allowed researchers to monitor the chimpanzees' behaviour including their habitat use, day travel range and association patterns. The ARGOS system also facilitated several rescue missions to retrieve chimpanzees when they strayed too far from the protected release site.

The release project has brought significant conservation benefits to the local area. Environmental education and awareness raising programs have been established in and around the park, illegal logging activities have stalled and illegal hunting and fishing activities have been reduced.

Other sanctuaries and conservation centres are set to benefit significantly from the project's pioneering use of new technology.

Dr Humle, from the University's School of Anthropology and Conservation, said: 'This release demonstrates that under special circumstances the release of wild-born adult chimpanzees of both sexes is a viable strategy, which can also function as an effective conservation tool.

'The lessons learnt and the experience gained so far will benefit other sanctuaries that are also considering the option of releasing suitable candidates in the future. We still have much to learn about how rehabilitation, pre- and post-release procedures, and monitoring protocols impact release success. We can only hope that increased collaboration among academics, conservationists and sanctuaries will help bridge these gaps.'
Story Credit Here