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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PETA Tells Feds to Pull Exhibitor

ALERT: Tell Feds to Pull the Plug on Dangerous Animal Exhibitor


Helping Animals Worldwide has taken the time to give a sample letter to write in regards to the Sid Yost case where a 2 yr old child was bitten by a wolf Hybrid, resulting in the death of the animal.


Please accept my comments regarding Sid Yost, owner of Amazing Animal Productions. As you know, one of Yost's wolf hybrids was killed earlier this month following an attack on a 2 1/2-year-old girl.

Yost has been cited by the USDA numerous times for failing to properly handle dangerous animals who are used for public exhibition. Yost's chimpanzees have attacked and bitten at least two children, and now another child has been hurt and a wolf hybrid is dead.

Sid Yost has more than proved his inability to exhibit dangerous animals in a safe manner. Please pursue the revocation of his license at once. Thank you."



  1. Anonymous11:01 PM

    i volunter at sid yost ranch i have been around sid alot and all he dose is give those animals love he treats those animals as if they were his kids i dont know were u get off accusing sid of all this stuff u dont know anything of what your talking about and u should be the one banned from animals sid is a greate man who loves his animals his ranch is the only place i have ever been to were i can go into a 500 hundred poud lions cage and sit on the floor submiting myself to the lion and not get attacked so seriously ladie just shut your mouth

  2. My dear anonymous;
    I don't think you have been with Sid long enough to know the real Sid. I spent 2 weeks on the ranch with him and also had a lot of dealings with him after wards. We were friends, as I thought, however, it turned out that Sid is only in everything for himself.

    Before you start jumping to conclusions try talking to Sid about me and ask him about the false promises, the training of my chimps and how I was there for him when he needed someone.

    To sit in a cage with a wild animal is not only stupid, but is self serving, and certainly nothing to be proud of. Also ask him what happened to his wife with one if his large cats. Know the entire story and history about someone before you go insulting someone that really is educated on that person.

    Why do you think his chimps were taken away from him? You do realize that he is the only one in history that has had his chimps taken away from abuse.If you know how hard that is to prove, you certainly would know how much to believe it to be true.

    Do you know how many volunteers he has had over the years? Why do you think he can't keep anyone? Yes he plays a good game of nice guy, but he's not really.