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Monday, April 20, 2009

USDA Looking Into Wolf Attack

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is looking into the wolf attack on a 2-year-old girl that occurred during an animal show April 4 at Grizzly Jack's Grand Bear Lodge in Utica.

On Wednesday, La Salle County Animal Control Officer Gary Wind told the La Salle County Board's Animal Control Committee the USDAcalled him after the attack. Wind and a USDA representative arranged to meet to discuss the matter. The wolf was put down so brain tissue could be obtained to check for rabies; Wind said the test showed no rabies.

Wind noted animal rights groups called him after the attack, voicing more concern over the wolf's death than that the girl was bitten. Wind said when he arrived at the lodge shortly after the attack, the wolf's handler did not know which of the two wolves made the attack. Wind said he told the handler he would take both wolves if there was uncertainty. The handler then singled out one wolf.

The man in charge of the animal show was 54-year-old Sidney J. Yost, who runs a California-based company that provides animals for such work as films and television. Wind said Yost had the required permits for the animals. According to government records, the Utica incident was at least the third time in which Yost's animals have bit children during shows. The Utica shows began March 20 and ended April 12."


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