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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gorilla Island in Australia

Up Close And Personal With A Fellow Great Ape by ianmichaelthomas.
One of the most popular attractions at RMZ is the Gorilla Island - a wonderful home to a group of Western Lowlands Gorillas, headed by the mighty Silverback, Rigo.
There are about 6 females to keep him company.

There is a separate group of males, including the former Silverback of the RMZ, and his sons.

Rigo, is the magnificent Silverback male, about 38 yo, and 175Kg in size.

The year 2009 is the International Year of The Gorilla, and RMZ are celebrating this - bringing increased awareness of the plight of gorillas in the wild - under increasing threats due to warfare, illegal bushmeat trade, and mining for rare metals used in the manufacture of mobile phones.

The RMZ is providing free satchels for free return posting of old mobile phones for recycling.

IF people recycled their old handsets, then there would not be the need for the mining in the habitat of the gorillas. So more power to RMZ, and other organisations around the world for promoting this cause.

There is also a bachelor group of adult males, kept separate from Rigo and his females. This is how they would live in the wild – only one Silverback male at a time.
There are six caves around their island, which feature heated floors to the gorillas maximum comfort in the cooler months.

This beautiful gorilla often sits right up by the viewing windows to interact with her human admirers and visitors. She often plays games with young children - as I observed last Sunday.

Around RMZ there are magnificent near life-size canvas full colour photo displays of the gorillas, with information about the individual members.

Full marks to RMZ for commissioning them, and to Trent Browning, the professional photographer who took the wonderful photos!

Royal Melbourne Zoo, Parkville, Victoria, Australia"

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