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Friday, April 24, 2009

St Louis County Dept Health Says Licenses are Required, Connie Casey Braun

04/24/2009 - The recent attack of a Connecticut woman by a pet chimpanzee has prompted the St. Louis County Department of Health to remind residents that non-domestic animals require a license.

Non-domestic animals include all cats except house cats, nonhuman primates, bears, wolves, coyotes and venomous reptiles.

County residents who plan to own non-domestic animals are required by ordinance to contact the health department for an inspection of the living conditions for the animal.

"We want to make sure that living conditions are safe for the owner, the general population and the animal," said La'Rhonda Garrett-Wheelington, program manager for the health department's animal control division.

The owner will be required to provide proof of insurance to pay for any damages or injury caused by the animal. Owners must notify the health department if the animal is sold or given away.

To apply for a permit, call one of the animal shelters at 831-6500 or 726-6655."


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