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Friday, April 10, 2009

David Sabo, a Chimpanzee Breeder and Exhibitor Only Receives a 1K Fine

David Sabo, a chimpanzee breeder/exhibitor doing business as the "New York Primate Center," Amenia, New York, USA, recently agreed to pay a fine of $1,00

PPL first heard of David Sabo when, on 19 December 1985, the Associated Press wire service told the story of how an exploding kerosene heater set fire to a shed used for animal housing, causing the deaths of five chimpanzees by smoke inhalation, with other chimps dying later and some animals requiring reconstructive surgery (reported in the April 1985 issue of IPPL News). In the "Consent Decision and Order" signed by Sabo on 25 April 2001, he agreed to cease and desist from


Quote-"IPPL considers that a fine of $1,000 is a totally inadequate penalty for this facility which has been keeping unfortunate chimpanzees and other primates in sub-standard conditions for many years. Sadly USDA has started calling the facilities it regulates its "clients" (the incarcerated animals should be its main "clients", has started calling "violations" of the Animal Welfare Act "non-compliances" (presumably as a favor to these "clients"), and has instituted "creative punishments," such as collecting only a small proportion of the already-small fines, allowing the offenders to use the rest of the money on repairing and upgrading their premises."


  1. Personally, Sabo's Chimps were a credit to the civilized world and they entertained millions of people through the medium of show business.
    Your blog however sucks!

  2. Hello Ron;
    Thanks for your comment. It really doesn't matter how many millions of people were entertained by these chimps if the conditions they lived in were horrible. Chimp actors are NOT like human actors. Human actors get paid for their entertaining, have the ability to spend it on whatever makes them comfortable.

    Chimpanzee actors however usually live in horrible conditions (I have seen many of these places personally), the money they make is not used for them but instead for the owners. Do you think that they get bigger cages, no concrete, trees to climb, enrichment? NO. When they are finished with their job they are crated back to their tiny little barren cages.

    Ron, if you can find enjoyment out of the chimp actors knowing what goes on to make these chimps act and how they live it doesnt make you a very good "HUMAN"

    Perhaps..... you should take the place of a chimp actor and see how much you enjoy it. I raised 2 chimps so from experience and TRUE knowledge, unlike yourself I know how close they are to us. They have emotions, they cry, scream and laugh out loud.

    If you dont like my blog then dont read it my boy. Looking for free advertising are you?