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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chimpanzee, Noah, Gini Valbuena


"Noah is part of Pam Roasaire's Chimp-fabulous show. Booked by MacKay Entertainment"
See him here and there's a video of him on the Conan O'Brien show. Shame on you Conan! I personally will never watch your show again, and I once was a big fan.

Here is the man that not only promotes this Circus Act but also others.

This baby Chimp Noah came from here: Be sure to look at the photo's page. It's quite disturbing to me!
It really is ashame that Noah and the other Chimp, Kira seen in these photos did not get the same opportunity that Mikey and Louie, the Chimps I use to have got. Mikey and Louie did not join a circus, to be made to perform anymore, they are at the Little Rock Zoo where they are cared for by experienced people, people that love them, and they will be able to live the rest of their lives with other chimps, and perhaps have a real chimp family of their own someday.

You can read more about Noah and this circus under the Label called "Rosaire-Zoppe Chimpanzees" This is what his future holds for him. My heart goes out to poor little Noah. Also you can read about the previous chimps this owner had under the Label called "Gini Valbuena a multiple Chimp pet owner."


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