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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chimp Attack-Search warrant for Abuse and Neglect, Mary Overton

DAVIESS, CO. - A Daviess County deputy was attacked in his patrol car by a chimp on the loose in Winston, Missouri. Deputies were called out to help corral the chimp, but after the animal tried to get into the patrol car, the deputy shot and killed it.

The chimp opened the patrol car door and tried to hit the deputy. According to the Daviess County Sheriff's department, the deputy struck the chimp in the chest to push him away, but when the chimp attacked again the deputy acted in self-defense and shot the animal.

The deputy suffered minor injuries.

On Tuesday, the Daviess County Sheriff's department searched the owner of the chimp's home and found several other chimps, as well as around 100 dogs. But the next day, when deputies returned with a search warrant, all but 15 of the dogs and two cats were gone.

Prosecutors have charged Brent Hudson, 49, Cherace Hudson, 41, and Mary Overton, 52, with a long list of misdemeanors from animal abuse to keeping a dangerous wild animal.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of the remaining dogs should contact the Humane Society of Missouri's Animal Abuse Hotline: (314) 647-4400. A $3,000 reward is offered for information that leads to the location and recovery of the dogs.,0,3460947.story

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