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Friday, April 3, 2009

The Simian Society, an Organization That Promotes Private Primate Ownership, Mary Overton

However, for those committed to providing captive primates with long-term, care-conducive homes, the society offers health, diet, psychological well-being and management information as well as access to a network of experienced primate caretakers.

The Society maintains an active network through its monthly publications, a video lending library, educational publications, biennial conventions and local chapters. In addition, the SSA sponsors primate rescue and placement efforts. Through this network, mature, unwanted primates have found permanent homes in wildlife sanctuaries or private collections with necessary permits."


"Experienced Primate Caretakers" ? Why did this happen? A chimpanzee, Timmy, was shot and the owner was the National Chapter Supervisor of the Simian Society in 1998.


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