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Monday, April 13, 2009

USDA VS Humane Society , Abusive Video

Animal mistreatment alleged by the Humane Society was not cited by federal inspectors during their visit to the New Iberia Research Center last month, according to a USDA report.

U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors, however, found six areas of non-compliance with the Animal Welfare Act and set deadlines for corrective action.

USDA Secretary Thomas Vilsack promised the investigation in March after the release of video shot by a Humane Society investigator, who worked undercover at the center for nine months in 2008.

The Humane Society of the United States had submitted a 108-page document with 338 complaints, alleging animal mistreatment and violations of the Animal Welfare Act based on the video.

The NIRC houses the nation’s largest number of chimpanzees used for biomedical research. It houses more than 300 chimps and more than 6,000 various types of primates. It is a research center for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

While the inspection report does not specifically cite the Humane Society allegations, its recommendations are reflective of videoed incidents.

The research center’s director, Dr. Jeff Rowell, said some of the issues are already being addressed, such as the way sedated animals are handled by “all four limbs” and carried to a transport vehicle.

The practice presents a risk of injury to the animal, according to the USDA report, which also cites the “possibility of injury caused by the primate falling off of an unsecured table” — an event captured in the video.

“The methods used must ensure that there is a reduced possibility of injury to the animal,” the report stated.

Rowell said that prior to the report, at ULL President Joe Savoie’s suggestion, the center revised its procedures and now uses special boards to lift animals onto a railed gurney and will soon implement other safeguards.

Rowell said the center has also already addressed its non-compliance for not properly monitoring three sedated primates.

“We revised our standard operating procedure so that an attendant is on site during recovery from anesthesia,” Rowell said.

The center has yet to see a copy of the Humane Society’s complaints and Rowell said it’s unlikely that the center will be privy to the USDA’s response."

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