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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chimpanzee Has Attacked Before, Woman Claims, Sandra Herold

A Connecticut woman said she was attacked in 1996 by the same chimp who mauled a women earlier this week. Leslie Mostel-Paul told the NBC's "Today" show that the chimp, named Travis, had bit her hand and tried to drag her into a car. She said she complained to police and the owner after the incident.

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In two weeks authorities will decide whether to press charges against a Stamford, Conn., woman whose 200-pound domesticated chimpanzee mauled a friend.

Though police said Sandra Herold told them that shortly before the attack Monday she'd given the chimp Xanax, because he was agitated, Herold backtracked Wednesday on whether she'd administered the anti-anxiety drug to the animal.

Herold claimed she put the medication in the chimp's tea but the pills never dissolved. Police believe the drug may have contributed to the rampage.

"They were in the bottom. They didn't melt," Herold said.

An emotional Herold went to the morgue Wednesday to say goodbye to the animal she had raised since birth.

"I touched him, and I told him I was sorry. I still love him as much as ever," she said. "I got to touch him and at least try to have some closure."


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