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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Photo of a Chimpanee in a Lab

Description: A primate in a testing lab after being trained to place his head in a special hole in the cage to facilitate treatment. The aim of the image is to show that primates can be trained to cooperate with experiments.

Source: Laboratory Primate Newsletter. It writes of this image (described as Figure 1): "There were 20 adult stumptails -- 17 males and 3 females -- living in 10 compatible pairs (Reinhardt, 1990), 5 pairs in lower-row double cages and 5 pairs in upper-row double cages. All cages were equipped with sturdy, replaceable plastic plates that fit into the cage door openings (Figure 1). Each plate had a face-shaped hole (14 cm wide, 17 cm high) fitting an adult stumptail's head and two smaller circular holes (10 cm diameter) fitting its forearms. The arrangement of the holes was such that an animal could reach out for food offered and eat it while presenting its forehead for treatment (Figure 1) . The three holes enabled an animal to secure and eat the food offered, but not to grab or bite the caretaker."

For Science?

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