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Friday, May 29, 2009

Chimpanzees Trained, But Not Domesticated

Here is a video of the some of the history and present time of how we portray chimps. When small, they are cute, adorable and so human-like. They can be trained to do human activities with their own funny antics which makes us laugh and want to see more. This also makes a small minority of people want one, thinking that they will always be this way. This is so far from the truth, because as they grow older, aggression sets in, dominance and the need to be a chimp over rides the want to please their human caretakers. Once this happens, the Chimp becomes dangerous to others which then makes it dangerous for them, as in the Travis, Sandra Herold case.
Chimpanzees can be trained, however they can never be domesticated. This is something we all need to remember the next time we watch a funny chimp on TV, thinking, where has this chimp come from and where will this chimp end up? Once you have those thoughts, it won't be funny anymore.

This short video takes us back through time with many chimps that played roles in commercials and movies along side of movie stars. I do want to warn you that the first 15 seconds or so are from the horrible day of the Travis tragedy.

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