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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Great Photographs

the world's most destructive animal is on display at the
London zoo this weekend, 21-24 May

Picture: EPA

A Grey-bellied Night Monkey (Aotus Lemurinus) born
in captivity a month ago, climbs onto his mother at the
Santa Fe Zoo, in Medellin, Colombia

Picture: AFP/GETTY

Orangutans Sol and Vladimir inspect their new larger enclosure
at Schoenbrunn Zoo in Vienna. Sol was born in Sweden in 1996,
and Vladimir was born in Moscow in 1974

Picture: REUTERS

Iznee, a baby Bornean orangutan, sits with his mother
Sarikei in their enclosure at Chester Zoo

Picture: REUTERS / AP

A four-day-old Eastern Black Rhinoceros, yet to be named,
is seen next to her mother Ema inside their enclosure at Chester Zoo

Picture: PA

A newly-born elephant named Kai-Mook stands under
her mother Phyo Phyo during its first public appearance at Antwerp's zoo

Picture: REUTERS

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