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Friday, May 15, 2009

Conflicts with NIH

Posted by
Bob Grant from the

After several months of intense scrutiny, the
National Institutes of Health (NIH) is considering
stricter rules on managing financial conflicts among its grantees.

The research and funding body put out a call for comments
on changing the Department of Health and Human Services
(HHS) conflict of interest rules via an entry in the Federal
Register on Friday (May 8). The rules under consideration
would involve all applicants for funding from the Public
Health Service (PHS), of which the NIH is a component.
Other agencies under the PHS umbrella include the Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug
Administration, and the Indian Health Service.

The regulation changes the NIH is considering include
expanding disclosure rules to applicants seeking PHS
funding through the government's Small Business Innovation
Research and Small Business Technology Transfer Programs,
and mandating that all funding applicants disclose all
significant financial conflicts instead of disclosing only
those $10,000 per year or greater. Potential changes also
include requiring institutions with 50 or more employees
to form independent conflict of interest committees, and
requiring all grantee institutions to submit "conflict management plans."

The current rules, which were published in 1995, place the
onus of rooting out and reporting financial conflicts among
researchers with those scientists' home institutions. The NIH
states in the Federal Register that "we are considering whether
to revise the current regulations to provide Institutions with a more
comprehensive set of guidelines," to assure integrity in
federally-funded science.

The NIH seeks advice from the "general public, individual
Investigators, scientific societies and associations, Members
of Congress, other Federal agencies that support or conduct
research, and institutions that receive PHS funds to conduct or
support biomedical or behavioral research."

Comments can be submitted up until July 7 electronically
(here) or sent to an NIH office in Rockville, Maryland.


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