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Friday, May 29, 2009

Chimpanzee Owner, Jeanne Rizzotto Files Bankruptcy

JEANNE RIZZOTTO files for chapter 11 bankruptcy

On May 27, 2009, JEANNE RIZZOTTO filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The filer is being represented by Jon R. Binney.

Complete coverage of the case is available to subscribers (Subscribe now). Coverage includes:
  • Every docket item and document
  • Asset amounts
  • Liability amounts
  • Court, judge, and case number

You can also purchase a summary of this case for only $ 29.99 (click here).



  1. Anonymous7:49 PM

    What a horrible person she is.

  2. Firefighter from Montana6:39 AM

    Hi Judie;
    I have followed your comments on each article regarding Jeanne since they have first come out. I see that all of the comments have been removed from these articles, and was curiously, as to why.

    I often wondered why you were so involved in the posting of your comments, thank you for shedding some light on this subject.

    I also posted quit a bit of comments of said articles, and was disappointed to see that they had been removed. I believe that the public needs to know the opinions of people here in this area, in regards to Jeanne.They need to know what she has done and about the animals she has.

    I don't think that these animals belong in her home, they belong in a zoo. The people here, after the escape are a bit frightened and just want them out of here. We would like to see Jeanne go too, however, I don't think the zoo would take her, though that's where she belongs.

    Thank you for your story, keep up the good work and don't feel bad about trying to help that little chimp, you didn't know any better.

  3. Thank you Firefighter from Montana;

    I'm not sure why the paper decided to take down all of the comments, but I do agree with you, I think the public's opinion is an important one, especially like yourself, who lives in that area.

    The only thing I can suggest to you and the others in the area is to contact your representatives by e-mail and phone calls and voice your concerns about public safety issues. As far as the other things are concerned, I just hope that at least some of these people will get their money back, hopefully the ones that need it the most.

    I have always believed that when you do good, good will return back to you, when you do bad, it will also come back to you. Perhaps this is the hope.

  4. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Instead of Sandra Herold possibly going to jail for something that really wasn't her fault, Jeanne Rizzotto should be the one in jail. Where is the justice?

  5. Anonymous;
    I wonder about that myself. Maybe it's who you know. We all know about politics don't we?

  6. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Jeanne Rizzotto and her sordid reputation show the world everyting that is wrong with American society.
    She is greedy beyond belief, buys expensive items she can't afford ( Hummers, motorhomes, chimpanzees, etc) to show everyone how rich she thinks she is, lies about her business transactions, has horrible ethics ( hence her stealing the money from the Casey's), and now is playing the bankruptcy card to have herself protected from everyone she has harmed.
    She is a train wreck of a human being, and should be locked up for a very long time.
    Shame that will never happen.
    Poor Connor and Kramer, the pawns in this whole mess.

  7. Anonymous;
    How true your statement is about portraying to be rich. When Jeanne first introduced herself to me on the phone her statement to me was "google my name, I am very well off financially." In a letter she had written to the lawyer, she sent me a copy of it also, using this same statement to the Lawyer.

    If Jeanne is that rich, then why is there a need to file bankruptcy, is my question. It doesn't sound as though she is poor with so many properties that she owns, paying at least $45,000.00 per chimp, a boat, hummer, a mobile home, a business, and other assets. I believe this is her way of getting out of paying all of the people that she has stolen money from with her false promises.

    Yes poor Connor and Kramer, and all of the people that are out so much money and will probably never see a dime of it. My heart goes out to all of them.

    I hope someone gets those chimps out of there before she does something bad to them. She did quote that the only way anyone would take them would be "over my dead body". Anyone, in my opinion that has that thought, let alone says it, has some serious psychological problems and should NOT be taking care of Chimpanzees.

  8. Stunt Man from Red Lodge12:54 PM

    What a wacko this woman is. I know her. I have seen her beasts out in public when they were young. They would scream and snatch at people, especially the bigger one. Get them the hell out of here.

  9. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Why would anyone assume that humans are the only animals who experience emotion & pain? These Chimpanzees, I'm sure are experiencing a lot of emotional pain not being with ones of their own kind.

  10. Anonymous5:16 AM

    Hopefully being a little more informed will help you understand the constant wreckage Jeanne Rizzotto leaves in her path wherever she goes. If you go to this website location www(dot)zoominfo(dot)com/people/Rizzotto_Jeanne_66249955.aspx This link might shed a little better light on her character for you, and perhaps help you realize her comments on the devotion she has for her chimps, is nothing more then hot air. They get her attention, and that is ALL she is keeping them for. She doesn't really care about Kramer and Connor as she said she does, or she would have NEVER left them alone for three months when she was wreaking havoc in the four corners area of NM/AZ with the Navajo people. I would encourage you to watch her actions, and NOT listen to her words, for they are nothing more then hot air! Too many people's lives have been touched by her in a deviously devastating way, and she refuses to show ANY remorse to any of them. Her continuous actions are all I personally need to say with a clear conscience, she doesn't deserve ANY respect! We have all made poor choices at some point in time in our life, myself included, but one would hope that we would learn from our mistakes, enable our actions to show remorse and work even harder to correct them. Rizzotto consistently finds a way to blame everyone else for her wrong doings, and tries to turn the tables on them...She is cold hearted and calculating, self centered, and at best a snake in the grass. I believe in her own words (and that on the Navajo Nation) a "fast talking billagana". In her Today Show interview she stated that she slaps herself and says "Wow, I have chimpanzees". She should just plain slap herself!!

  11. Anonymous9:39 AM

    I am another sucker. She has bought my home and I have carried the contract. I tried to get information from the realtor before closing, but they where pretty hard up for their dime. So needless to say, my assets are tied up with her bk. I have MS and need the money from the sale of my home. In bk court under oath, she lied, saying she has all this equity in my home. Attorney is $300.00 per hour. How stupid can I be to get in this mess????

  12. Dear Anonymous;
    I am SO SORRY to hear what you are going through. Please, don't feel as though you are a sucker. She has a way of making people believe in her. I'm pretty wise to people and I fell for her story also and hurt some of my friends along the way.

    Isn't there anyway you can hire a lawyer, the kind that don't get paid unless you get something out of it? Or maybe you can tell your story to the press and perhaps someone will come forth to help you pro-bono. A lot of good things come out of the press, especially when it comes to that awful woman!

    I along with others are still trying to pick up the pieces that Jeanne has left behind and I know it must be very hard for you also. I do hope that you can find a way to make justice see your way. There has to be someone out there willing to help you legally. Perhaps a letter of what has happened to the local newspapers in her area and also to some of the law firms might be helpful. The billings Gazette seems to like to do stories about her, and then the other papers will pick it up, to perhaps get some help offered to you.

    Whatever happens I wish you the best of luck and wish that all things come back on Jeanne Rizzotto.

  13. Judie Harrison3:10 PM

    Dear Anonymous;
    I have done some research and reached out to a few folks I know and there is someone that you can speak to that is a lawyer. He is already working on the Jeanne Rizzotto case for someone else. If you leave another comment with an e-mail address where I can reach you I can give you that information. I don't want to publicize it. I also won't publicize your comment with the e-mail address.

    I think perhaps this gentlemen can help you.