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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chimpanzee, Monkeys in Labs a Tragedy

Considering how primates are closely related to humans, it is amazing nothing changes in the nightmarish world of animal research. We read or hear about the horror stories that take place in secret research facilities hidden deep within buildings where animals painfully suffer. Yet even with this knowledge, the torture continues.

It usually takes a whistle-blower to create the media attention to expose the atrocities taking place. Then the USDA, or some other government agency, drags its feet claiming, "we are investigating," or "fines will be imposed."

This lackadaisical response has been typical of facilities investigated that do not comply with the rules of animal protection. Recently, the U.S. Department of Agriculture stated that the New Iberia Research Center in Lafayette, La. has not complied with the Animal Welfare Act. The report also stated that it found problems with the New Iberia's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, which are commissions that are supposed to review and approve research protocols.

A disturbing 6 1/2-minute videotape, presented by a concerned citizen, shows how the primates at this facility were demonstrating serious signs of distress, slamming themselves against the cage bars in fear, biting themselves and reacting in dread as lab workers attempt to sedate them or move them out of the cages with neck rings. The housing facility where these "doomed" animals reside showed barren, small cages with little to play with or look at.

Basically, it is a prison devoid of all the natural life that these captive animals instinctually need. The scene appeared like a dungeon of horrors displaying a very shocking visual for those who know little about how primates spend their lives in these places.

The research facility in question has the lengthy deadline of Oct. 30 to clean up its shameful act, which includes supplying heat for the outdoor colonies.

Supposedly, the goal of "the research" is to improve the health of humans - some day.

Disguised as much needed research, these horrific experiments are a playground for those with sadistic tendencies. Instead of torturing animals, humans should take more responsibility for their lifestyle, including good health, exercise, diet and an understanding of one's genetic make-up. It is no wonder the captive primates react in such anguish and fear when the lab attendants approach them.

Removing these remarkable and intelligent creatures from the wild or breeding them for these horrific experiments is a disgrace and a crime against life."


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