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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Holly the Chimpanzee

Mogo Zoo’s female chimpanzee Holly opening a birthday present.

Holly the chimpanzee’s latest public appearance, before going into quarantine, was a celebratory event.

Mogo Zoo’s only female chimpanzee, at the moment, celebrated her 21st birthday on Monday with zookeepers, volunteers and zoo visitors.

Among the presents were bananas, apples, books and soft toys, along with a carry bag for Holly to use.

Holly’s companion, 27-year-old Luis, also received presents for the occasion, some placed in unusual places such as in a pinata.

Holly and Luis will be joined by two older chimpanzee in the coming days, with all four chimpanzees to go into quarantine for more than one month.

Mogo Zoo head zookeeper Hannelie van der Merwe said new chimpanzees Sam and Charlie would join Holly and Luis in the near future.

Sam and Charlie have been brought in from New Zealand. The arrival of the new chimpanzees also means the long awaited chimpanzee display enclosure will become the primates’ new playground."


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