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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Carole Noon-IPPL Remembrance

"The International Primate Protection League expresses its condolences
to Carole's two sisters who watched over her to the end and to all
her family and friends, and to the caregivers and staff of Save the
Chimps. I remember Carole from her student days when she lived at a
little house on Boynton Beach, Florida, with a great little Italian
restaurant nearby. I remember her many visits to IPPL. Although she
worked with chimpanzees, she had a soft spot for gibbons and monkeys
and all animals. There was always a rescued stray dog around!

The closure of the ghastly Coulston Foundation (which held
around 300 chimpanzees) and its takeover by Save the Chimps was an
enormous accomplishment made possible especially by Carole's
determination and the generosity of the Arcus Foundation. Carole had
a wonderful staff and I have no doubt that the task of transferring
the chimps remaining in New Mexico to the wonderful facility in
Florida will take place before too long. "

Those wishing to leave a tribute in Carole's legacy book should visit,

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