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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

European Parliament Fails Animals in Laboratories

It’s been a busy day in the European Parliament for animals! Today, MEPs voted on a proposed directive for the protection of animals used in scientific procedures, but unlike the great news – ironically from the same source – about the EU ban on seal products, we’re disappointed to say that, overall, MEPs have turned their backs on animals in laboratories.

While we welcome a number of positive steps taken, for example giving extra support to non-animal tests, MEPs have neglected to take the opportunity to ensure animal experiments are properly regulated throughout the European Union. Almost all of the most progressive and imaginative parts of the Commission’s original proposal were thrown out, diluted or neutered by the First Reading vote. The result is a draft law that, if implemented, may improve the lives of animals in laboratories in some countries but would turn back the clock in others, including the UK.

Here are just a few examples: by failing to ensure that all animal experiments must be approved in advance by central authorities, by rejecting special restrictions on the use of non-human primates (yep, we’re primates too!) and by turning away from a definitive ban on causing severe and prolonged suffering to animals, the Parliament is showing just how out of touch it is with public opinion, animal welfare and good science.

This isn’t over yet and it could take a long time. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for an update and action step on the next stage of the process!"


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