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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Great Ape Trust

You've probably heard of the world-famous great apes living right here in Des Moines at the Great Ape Trust. This summer, more visitors will get the chance to see the Great Apes in action.

The floods of 2008 caused about 1.5 million dollars in damage to the 230 acre campus. Flood waters even destroyed the educational classroom. So, this year, the trust is restructuring the visitation program. The membership days will be on Saturdays and open to children.

Senior Animal Caretaker Peter Clay says, "This is really a special place, and it's unusual it exists in Iowa." Clay says this is a special place because the scientists work with the apes to gain insight.

Jim Aipperspach handles the business end and says the trust is special because of the important scientific research happening on the campus. He says, "Trying to understand human beings better by understanding those species most closely related to humans. And, Great Apes are more closely related to human beings than any other species."

They say you'll be able to see what it's really like in the apes' daily lives during the four upcoming membership days. Clay says, "It will be an opportunity to go a little more in depth in terms of understanding the behavior and intelligence of the orangutans and bonobos who live here."

You'll get to spend three hours on campus, watching the thirteen great apes. Clay says to bring binoculars. He says, "They'll have an opportunity to really watch the orangutans and explore a very natural environment and to see how they move, how they interact."

The first membership visitation day is May 30th. Some spots are still available. For more information, go to The Great Ape Trust's website."


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