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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Documents Must Be Turned Over, Sandra Herold

STAMFORD -- A city woman whose pet chimpanzee mauled a friend of hers in February has agreed to have up to $10 million of her assets frozen in response to a lawsuit brought by the victim's family.

Appearing before Judge Edward R. Karazin Jr. on Wednesday in state Superior Court, an attorney representing the family of Charla Nash, the injured party, read aloud an eleven-point agreement reached with the attorney representing Sandra Herold, the chimp's owner, stipulating that Herold may not dispose of or cause a dissipation in value of six parcels of property and three businesses she owns in Stamford.

Matthew Newman, an attorney representing Nash's family, told Karazin he initially sought to freeze $50 million of Herold's assets. The agreement states that after Herold participates in a deposition, the Nash family may modify the amount of money they're seeking from Herold and pursue other assets she may have.

Following the court session, Newman told reporters a preliminary assessment of the value of the properties and businesses identified in the agreement amounted to $4 million.

The agreement also calls for Herold to turn over to Newman by June 1 documents he has requested that may further identify her assets, followed by Herold being deposed by June 15 to fully determine the location and value of her assets.

As Newman read each point of the agreement, Karazin asked Herold's attorney, Robert Golger, to confirm he concurred with what was being stipulated.

At the conclusion of the reading, Karazin said he found probable cause that an amount equal to or greater than $10 million would be awarded if the case went in the Nash family's favor.

Newman told reporters it would probably be a minimum of three years before the case came to trial.

On Feb. 16, Herold asked Nash to come to her home to help lure her 200-pound chimpanzee, Travis, back inside. When Nash arrived and stepped out of her car, Travis brutally attacked her. Stamford Police responded to an urgent call from Herold reporting the attack, and eventually shot Travis to death.

Nash lost her hands, nose, lips and eyelids, and reportedly suffered brain damage. After her medical condition was stabilized at Stamford Hospital, Nash was transferred to the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

Doctors there said she is blind and faces years of surgical procedures.

Newman said that as of the beginning of April, Nash's medical expenses exceeded $700,000.

Asked about her medical condition, Newman said, "My understanding is she has made progress. She has improved."

Newman said it is possible other defendants will be named in the Nash family's suit. He said Stamford Police have not concluded their investigation of the attack, which could result in criminal charges against Herold."



  1. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Sandra Herold is not a criminal. To charge her would be a shame.
    Charla Nash was friend with Herold for 30 years, she chose her relationship with Ms. Herold, and Travis.

  2. Dear Anonymous;
    There are too many words to express how I feel about this entire situation. I have been working on a paper for about 3 days now in regards to all aspects of this. However, I get a few sentences in, my eyes start to tear and I break out in a full blown balling attack.

    This entire subject is so close to home for me, being that I still have not gotten over the loss of my chimps, which was a decision I made. 99% of the public, unfortunately does not understand the relationship between a human and a Chimpanzee, unless they have actually had one. I could actually write a book on this subject alone with my feelings, the education I have received through the years, and my experiences.

    Regardless of what anyone says or believes there will always be ones to disagree. The ones that disagree, and can not sympathize for Sandy are the ones with no personal knowledge or experience of such a relationship. From Pet owners to Scientists, all make bonds with the Chimps in their care and when parted they feel sorrow, and emptiness. There is no other individual on this earth that is greater then the Chimpanzees, and in my opinion much better then most people.

    I also had a girlfriend of many years that helped me and loved the monkeys in my care and was there from the beginning when I got Mikey and then Louie. On occasions Mikey would act out towards her and I would tell her to stay away from him at that particular moment. She refused to, always making an excuse for Mikey's actions. She loved him as I did, had no fear of him because she, like most of us that have a relationship with a chimp, never think that our sweet chimps would ever hurt anyone. The older Mikey became the more worried I got with him around my friend. He is a male, was just going into puberty and trying to find his place with everyone. He challenged her quit often, though she never stopped her relationship with him. She scared me more then he did with her refusal of the fact that he was trying to dominate her. I suppose what I am trying to say is that my girlfriend also had the "Chimp Fever", which is what I call it. She had to be around them, to interact with them or she felt as though her life wasn't complete. There are just some of us that have this fever where we can't get them out of our blood, which is a good thing in many ways, because if there weren't people like this, there would be no sanctuaries, no huge donations, no volunteers,and the world for Chimpanzees would be awful.

    As far as Charla is concerned my heart goes out to her also. I do wish though that these legal procedures would wait until she is of sound mind. I think that these are decisions that Charla should be making not her brothers. I understand that they need to obtain finances for medical bills, but to have Sandy charged, everything taken away from her and possibly go to jail at the age of 70 years old for something she did not to, should be something that Sandy and Charla could try to work out themselves.

    I know that if my girlfriend had gotten hurt by Mikey she would not have blamed me or Mikey, she wold have blamed herself. Why? because she chose to be with him knowing how strong he was and what he was capable of doing. By her being around him and loving him she took the same risk that I took everyday. I have thought about the fact that if I had called her in a pinch would she have come to help me? Yes I can say she would have,most definitely, without a question, without any hesitation and she only lived a few miles away.

  3. Anonymous12:20 PM

    io mi chiamo sandra ma NON SONO COI BRUTA

  4. Chi e Brut?