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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Animal Rights Groups Upset About Gorilla Enclosure at Dublin Zoo

CONCERNS have been raised by an animal rights group in relation to the gorilla enclosure at Dublin Zoo.
Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) have launched a fundraising drive to help make a better home for the zoo’s gorilla family and have asked the public to get behind its campaign.
The zoo is home to Harry, a large male silverback (23), breeding female Lena (27), Kesho (10), Mayani (7), Alf (6) and Evinidi (3).
The animals, an endangered species, hail from the lowland areas of west Africa.
John Carmody of ARAN explained how he and another member of the network recently visited the zoo to see first hand the conditions of the gorilla family. He said this was on foot of numerous concerns expressed to his organisation by members of the public.
“The enclosure is very small given the sheer size of these majestic animals,” Mr Carmody believed.
“There is very little to entertain and stimulate them apart from a piece of material that hangs from the ceiling.
“These animals are incredibly intelligent and they need some stimulation.
“On our visit the silverback Harry appeared to be very detached and spent over 20 minutes simply staring at a wall.
“The outside part of their area just has grass for them and one rope when these animals need something more resembling the environment they would inhabit if in the wild.
“It’s agreed that nothing will compare to their homes in Rwanda and the Congo. In the wild, these animals react to their surroundings. They avoid predators, seek food and interact with others of their species - doing what they have evolved for.
“In contrast, we believe these enclosures have only caused the gorillas to become frustrated and bored which is evident from their obsessive and repetitive behaviour.”
According to Dublin Zoo’s own website, “gorillas spend their days at quite a leisurely pace, eating, resting and playing”.
Mr Carmody stressed that ARAN is realistic in its expectations for the future of the gorillas.
“We know these animals won’t be set free but the very least we can do is to try to raise money to improve their conditions,” he said.
“We have tried to discuss our campaign with the zoo but they won’t speak to us. We’ll continue our drive for money regardless because improving the conditions for the gorilla needs to be a priority.
“Just think of what good could be done if every visitor put e2 into a box.”
Rita Marie Lawlor, campaign coordinator with ARAN, added: “We can’t wait any longer - these animals are desperate and we’re calling on the public to get behind our campaign to get these gorillas an enclosure they so desperately deserve.”
When contacted, Dublin Zoo declined to comment on the issues raised by ARAN. However, they did extend an invitation for a reporter from this newspaper to visit the zoo. We were not in a position to do so due to deadline constraints.


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