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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Henry Doorly Zoo's Gorilla Babe Has a Name

Henry Doorly Zoo Website

Next time you go to the Gorilla exhibit at the Henry Doorly Zoo, be sure to say 'hi' to 'Hadari.' That's the new name for the baby male gorillay born on July 27th.

The name was chosen by Frank and Barbara Blank of Omaha as part of Zoofari 2009 and "The Call of the Wild" celebration. The Blanks have two children and five grandchildren and have been strong Zoo supporters since the early 70's. "We chose Hadari which is the name of his great grandfather. We felt this was in keeping with his African heritage but it also sounded right. It's a strong, masculine name for a young gorilla who someday might be a leader of his troop.

Hadari weighs just over nine pounds, and is being raised in the nursery area of Hubbard Gorilla Valley. Hadari is encouraged to hold onto a vest, worn by animal care staff, which simulates the mother's hair. Zoo officials took over care for the baby gorilla after it somehow broke its arm under the care of its mother.

The nursery area allows Hadari to watch, smell and interact with the social group through the mesh. Zoo officials say the goal is to fully introduce Hadari to the troop hopefully in January.


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