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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Updated News On The Lawsuit Between St. James Davis and Animal Haven Ranch, Chimpanzee Attack

The story of St. James Davis and his wife being attacked by 2 Chimpanzees at the Animal Haven Ranch is a well known story, as with the Travis the Chimpanzees Attack. The Davises were visiting their pet Chimpanzee, Moe for his Birthday, when 2 other Chimpanzees escaped, nearly killing St. James. Since then the Davises have been in legal battles with Insurance Companies and Animal Haven Ranch.

Mr. Davis has undergone over 75 surgeries, leaving him with disabilities that have been life changing, to say the least.

A judge ruled the Davises could sue the couple who owns the sanctuary for at least four million dollars while filing a separate claim against the sanctuary itself for millions more.

The defendants in this case, Animal Haven Ranch have appealed that ruling.

Animal Haven Ranch had no comments.
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