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Monday, October 12, 2009

New Monkey Rescue Has Been Given Consent From CZA

LUCKNOW: Things have started moving for the first monkey rescue centre of the state. The Central Zoo Authority (CZA) has given its consent to the

project and will also fund the setting up of the Centre.

The same holds true for leopard rescue centre as well. It was mentioned in the recently held meeting of zoo advisory committee that two centres will come up on a 30 hectare land in Kukrail as a satellite facility to Lucknow Zoo.

Central Zoo Authority (CZA) had sought certain changes in the original plan which was submitted by the department. The re-drawn plan for the centres was sent to CZA on March 31.

The re-drawn plan was tailor-made matching to the standards specified by CZA. The monkey rescue centre was initially planned for 50 monkeys but under the re-done plan it was designed for 20 rescued monkeys. The rescue centre will not allow breeding of monkeys. In such a case males and females will have to be housed separately.

The plan to construct a rescue centre for monkeys got a renewed emphasis in November last year when complaints about monkey scare started coming from all corners of the city. Lucknow was also divided into five sectors and the rangers of the area were given the responsibility to trap the monkeys.

CZA has also cleared the decks for the first leopard rescue centre and conservation breeding centres each for ghariyals, turtles and swamp deer. Similar centres for monkey and leopards will also come up at Kanpur Zoo. It will also get the breeding centres for ghariyals, turtles and swamp deer.

While CZA will bear the construction cost of the centres, maintenance cost will be borne by the forest department. Things are expected to speed up since master plan has been approved now.


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