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Friday, October 23, 2009

Pet Orangutan, Saima, Finally Gets Temporary Home at Ragunan Zoo

Saima is a female young orangutan that had been taken as baby from her mother and brought from Central Kalimantan to spend four years in a small cage in Cibubur area, Java, as a pet.
Far away from home she lived here isolated, never meeting other orangutan friends, never climbing a tree.
Saima was literally growing out of her cage and the owners tried to relocate her elsewhere. It is a sad fact that still people seem to be so uneducated and unaware of the fact that orangutans are critically endangered and protected under the Indonesian Biodiversoity law Nr 5, 1990 and that orangutans as other wildllife simply belong in the wild.
What is worse is that it took such a long time to relocate the orangutan despite there are many NGOs active to help orangutans and not even the forestry department had been responsive to relocate the orangutan.
And since the Indonesian rescue centre network stopped fully operating in 2006, it became harder to find good post-confiscation places.
Saima is now living in Ragunan Zoo, where Ibu Ulla, cares for many orangutans already. At least Saima can play with other orangutans and enjoy better food as she used to eat rice only. Ragunan zoo though is only a temporary solution; a transit. JAAN will strive to relocate Saima to Kalimantan. Where she belongs.
Ibu Ulla is a german lady living in Ragunan zoo for fifty – plus years. She has a heart of gold for the animals and a strong and remarkable personality, striving hard to improve the conditions for the animals in Ragunan Zoo..
JAAN helps Ibu Ulla and her orangutans whenever possible. In the beginning of October we helped to repair and weld cages at Ibu Ulla’s place.
Its also a sad fact that it is always a long and complicated process to relocate an orangutan back to its habitat. But JAAN is determined to bring Saima home.

If you wish to help the orangutans at Ibu Ulla or Saima please do contact us by email.

orangutan saima

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